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  1. Craig Alumbaugh

    Lunch Meat

    Congrats on the new toy, just got one for Christmas and liking it so far and that turkey breast looks delicious
  2. Craig Alumbaugh

    Snowy Day Lamb

    that is a fine winter day warm you up meal and it looks delicious.
  3. Craig Alumbaugh

    The Birds of Valentine’s Day

    Everything looks delicious
  4. Craig Alumbaugh

    Where's the Beef?

    That is a fine looking burger Clint and we like ours on the ciabatta rolls also
  5. Craig Alumbaugh

    Tri Tip with Chive Cream Sauce.

    That sure does look delicious
  6. Craig Alumbaugh

    Gone with the Wind Pizza

    Great looking pies and I did squint and saw the performer. Rich do you do the pizza's in the CI skillets on the grill also.
  7. Craig Alumbaugh

    A Couple of Firsts

    That is some mighty tasty looking jerky. I have started making some since I got a dehydrator and so far as turned out pretty good. A lot cheaper than buying it.
  8. Craig Alumbaugh

    My First Baguettes and some Prime for #3

    That is one fine looking meal Bill and I would have to say you sent him off happy
  9. Craig Alumbaugh

    Friday Night Chicken on the Kettle Gasser

    Everything looks delicious Rich
  10. Craig Alumbaugh

    Quickie - Tri Tip on the Performer

    Looks like you made your family happy Rich
  11. Craig Alumbaugh

    Kentucky Style Lamb Shoulder

    That is a interesting cook Jerome and it looks delicious
  12. Craig Alumbaugh

    Superbowl Ribs

    Everything looks delicous
  13. Craig Alumbaugh

    Post your Super Bowl cook

    Everything looks awesome Dwain
  14. Craig Alumbaugh

    PSB -one pic

    That does look mighty tasty and glad everyone enjoyed it
  15. Craig Alumbaugh

    Super Bowl "Pork Shots"

    Those look mighty tasty
  16. Craig Alumbaugh

    Super Bowl Burgers with Sriracha Onion Rings

    Everything looks delicious Barb
  17. Craig Alumbaugh

    Hello from North Carolina

    Welcome to the forum Luke
  18. Craig Alumbaugh


    Welcome to the forum Barry
  19. Craig Alumbaugh

    Howdy from Minnesota.

    Welcome to the forum Kevin and this is the place to learn as I know I have and still am
  20. Craig Alumbaugh

    Hello from Minnesota

    Welcome to the forum Dave