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  1. Randy

    Beef & Broccoli

    That looks very good did you use any sauce or what type did you use?
  2. Randy

    Prime Brisket Sammich

    That looks delicious
  3. Randy

    Screw size

    Have you looked online for a schematic? Or call Weber? Just an idea
  4. Randy

    Bacon wrapped polish.

    My kind of meal love it
  5. Randy

    Today is my Birthday & I'm NOT cooking a Thing

    Happy birthday
  6. Randy

    Taste like my childhood, simple bbq chicken

    Where to make a perfect dinner. Nothing better than cooking for your family and eating with your family. Nice job
  7. Randy

    Genesis Wood Side Tables

    Love it, nice job
  8. Randy

    Two for Tuesday

    Looks like a great dinner
  9. Randy

    LoL on the SmokeFire

    I grew up on Leg of lamb. My grandfather was a professor at Oregon State and the vet science department. Did research on sheep and when they slaughter one the meat that was good they would give it out. So we had legs of lamb in our freezer or fresh. My mom roasted them in the oven and made the...
  10. Randy

    LoL on the SmokeFire

    That is a great looking dinner. What was the IT on the meat?
  11. Randy

    Finally a couple days off

    In my humble opinion. Reaching retirement is half the reward. The other half is enjoying it. It's definitely been the best part of my life.
  12. Randy

    Burger Party

    Got to have extra cheese
  13. Randy

    I love tacos...

    Not sure what the meat is but it sure looks good.
  14. Randy

    Air Fried Scotch Eggs

    I made them once before it was hard to to put together and keep it together but the taste was great and actually was kind of fun. The only place I've seen them on the menu is up in Leavenworth Washington at one of the bratwurst places.
  15. Randy

    Sunday Extra Meaty Ribs

    I love baby back's they're the best. Nice job
  16. Randy

    Niece's request, rush towards dinner

    To me the food is always good but really makes it a meal it's making the family happy. Thanks for sharing it's a great story
  17. Randy

    Liver and onions.

    Personally I'm glad you like it. Someone has to eat that
  18. Randy

    SRF double cut Kurobuta pork chops

    The pork looks like it's done perfectly, looks very good nice job
  19. Randy

    A nod to Chuck!

    Nice crust on the burgers
  20. Randy

    Chuck eye steak

    To me they look like blade steaks off of a pork shoulder. I bet they were tasty