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  1. Tim D.

    Dry Brine??

    Salting directly on the skin and not the meat is something I'm in favor of trying. I'll give it another shot next time I smoke any bird. Thanks for all the advice.
  2. Tim D.

    Dry Brine??

    All in all I would have to say the bird came out real well. Took a little over 3 hours in a range of 325-350ish. I felt the meat was a little salty compared to the wet brines I've done in the past. I followed the recipe pretty close on my 15lb never frozen or "enhanced" bird. I'm wondering...
  3. Tim D.

    Dry Brine??

    Well I decided to do the dry brine per the recipe on this site....Whole Turkey - Salted. I followed it as close as I could and then wrapped in syran wrap and placed in fridge until tomorrow evening where I will then take out of the wrap and let it air dry in the fridge until about 30 min before...
  4. Tim D.

    Dry Brine??

    I'm thinking of doing a dry brine for my bird this coming T-Day and wanted to hear from those that have used this method before and what you think.......I've read the Whole Turkey - Salted to see it's pretty easy to do, but I want to know the results. I know this topic was briefly discussed...
  5. Tim D.

    Does Brine Change the Texture of Turkey?

    I have to admit, I've done 3 large (18-23lbs) birds in my 18.5" and everyone I've brined for 36 hours with no change in texture whatsoever! Just my 2 cents.....
  6. Tim D.

    Share your Turkey Plan

    I do the JD/Maple brine for 36(ish) hours. Airdry in fridge overnight. Season with spices all over (under skin and inside cavity). Rub with EVOO. Let is sit on counter for 30min with a bag of ice on the breast (this REALLY works!!). Throw on 18.5" WSM once temp is dialed in at 325ish (on a grate...
  7. Tim D.

    Turkey on WSM

    I've done about 4 birds on my 18.5 with the biggest bird being about 22 pounds. All have turned out perfect! I did a 36 hour brine and then let air dry in the fridge for about 14 hours. When I was prepping the smoker I would pull the bird out and put a bag of ice on the breast and let it sit...
  8. Tim D.

    Beef Jerky and Bourbon Barrel Porter

    I'm well aware about the hard part of brewing......waiting! I have 4 batches of extract under my belt and my Oktoberfest has been laagering for almost 2 looks SO good :) Thanks for the info about the equipment. I just need to make that mash tun and try to watch someone actually...
  9. Tim D.

    Beef Jerky and Bourbon Barrel Porter

    Dwain, Q and doesn't get any better than that!! I'm extract brewing now with the intent to go all grain within a year (once the wife ok's the equipment list). Great set-up.........wanted to make jerky too and now I have a great recipe to go off. Thanks for the post! Tim
  10. Tim D.

    Prime Rib?

    I've done a couple and both time it's been the best cut of meat I've ever tasted! I've done both mine between 300-325 and a 6 pounder took about 3 hours to get to 130. The best way to cook it even is to make sure it's as round as possible. The last one I did I made it as round as I could and...
  11. Tim D.

    Need Stoker help - temp spikes

    Chuck, Thanks for your information!! Tim
  12. Tim D.

    Need Stoker help - temp spikes

    Dave, I used mine on Sunday and noticed the same spiking issue. When it first started I powered the Stoker down and then it ran fairly well for a bit then it started the "roller coaster" ride again. I'm not too sure what to think about it after reading everything in this post. I usually...
  13. Tim D.

    Brisket Internal Temp

    I did a 13 pound packer two weeks ago and never once checked the IT. I did the HH method (325 degrees) and foiled it about 2.5hrs into the smoke. Then an hour and a half later I started checking for tenderness. I repeated every 15-30 minutes until it was probe tender. Then I removed and...
  14. Tim D.

    Fixed door handle - replaced with compression latch

    Alan, Thank you so much for the pictures of how you assembled it. I followed the instruction from the link that was on here and couldn't figure out why the latch was so far away.......once I saw that I had the blasted thing on backward (from your picture) I switched it around and it worked...
  15. Tim D.

    Stoker or Guru part 2?

    I second what Dave is saying about the Stoker. I think the sound the fan gives off is low enough that your neighbors won't realize they hear something. If they do complain, just give them some of the BBQ and that will shut them up :) Tim
  16. Tim D.

    Late start on a HH brisket

    Peter, I just did one on Saturday and it took me about 4 hrs and 45 minutes to do a 13lb packer. The grate temp was steady at 325. You should be fine. Keep the temp as is and pull when probe tender. Just be careful when resting. I wouldn't tightly wrap in foil immediately after taking off...
  17. Tim D.

    WiFi Stoker Kit Automatic Temperature Control System

    Dave, I was always told to light about 10-15 pieces of charcoal. It will take some time to get the temp to the level you want by using so few light pieces but it will help to stabilize the temp. Tim
  18. Tim D.

    WiFi Stoker Kit Automatic Temperature Control System

    Dan, Thanks for telling us your method. I too have the oscillation issue but never really cared that much since it was at worst plus or minus 25 degrees. I don't consider that to much of a temp difference that would alarm me. I will try your advice about putting the meat on as the temp is...
  19. Tim D.

    Snake Method with an ATC?

    [/URL][/IMG] Here was my snake setup when I smoked bacon last weekend. You can see the fan on the left side. I lit about 4 charcoal pieces and placed them at the beginning of the snake, which was located at about 10 o'clock. I didn't want to put the coals directly in front of the fan. When...
  20. Tim D.

    Bacon made easy

    Thank you guys so much for the advice! I'm like a little kid the night before Christmas :) I just can't wait to get my bacon on!!