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  1. K Kruger

    What do/should you make from scratch?

    I buy almost nothing that’s prepared except Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard and pickles (although I make a lot of pickles myself). Make mayo. 2 minutes and far better than what you can buy. Make salad dressings and vinaigrettes, also far better and without all the stabilizing agents...
  2. K Kruger

    Mayo as a slather

    Likewise. It’s why I don’t add salt to rubs I make.
  3. K Kruger

    Reheating brisket

    Excellent. I'm so glad it worked out well. I often do a lot ahead - in private service one learns the hard way.
  4. K Kruger

    Reheating brisket

    Missed this. I assume I’m too late. How did it go?
  5. K Kruger

    Vacuum food saver

    I have had several “regular” vac sealers over the years. I have never used the jar function much so no longer care if I have that or not. My current regular sealer gets only occasional use. It’s my chamber sealer (Anova) I use very often. I use it for quick pickles and to speed up the...
  6. K Kruger

    Holding,or storing Pulled Pork for a lunchen the next day or even 2 days.

    Just passing through... :-) I wasn't trying to correct you per se, Dwain, just adding a little info. The 140˚ top end is the FDA's dumbed down number they've been using for YEARS - they still do - because they assume that virtually NO home cooks have a decent thermometer. Oh well. A few...
  7. K Kruger

    Holding,or storing Pulled Pork for a lunchen the next day or even 2 days.

    Good that it worked out very well! Note: The danger zone's top temp is 130, not 140 as is commonly thought. It is the meats' surfaces where one should be most concerned in terms of pathogen growth when one is cooking intact cuts (roasts that are 'intact', not injected, cut or probed) -...
  8. K Kruger

    Butter or mayonnaise?

    Depending on the meat and how I’m cooking it I often go with mayo, butter, or a combination of the two. Been using mayo on meats and poultry since the mid-80s. This past Thanksgiving it was herbed mayo to start and a cloth-soaked mix of herbed butter, stock, wine and honey at the 3/4 mark.
  9. K Kruger

    Forgotten lobster stock

    Also, see here.
  10. K Kruger

    Forgotten lobster stock

    No, it isn't. But if there's near zero chance of bacterial outgrowth, wasting the stock is wholly unnecessary.
  11. K Kruger

    Forgotten lobster stock

    I wouldn't toss it. As long as it was cooled prior to being placed in the fridge I would simply freeze it. Making it pasteurized it in the first place. Chances of bacterial outgrowth at fridge temps are vanishingly small, and as it's likely to be boiled when next used...well, there you go.
  12. K Kruger

    Smokey, Dark Salsa?

    Use the onion and roast it as well. Slice it thickly then roast in a dry pan, as in the video above, till nicely charred. Cumin adds smoky notes as does dried chipotle or moro chiles (in addition to or instead of any other chiles you are using).
  13. K Kruger

    Jerk Seasoning

    I am still alive. I'm glad you like the recipe. I have not made it myself for some time. A propos my post upthread, my last clients and I parted ways in early 2021. Returned to Vegas and immediately purchased a home (needing an extensive remodel) on two acres in a little desert town an hour...
  14. K Kruger

    Ammonia smell

    I’ve never come across this before- in almost 50 years of home and professional cooking. Since the smoker smelled of it and not so much the meat, I’m wondering if there might be a spot on the cooker where some food or drippings lodged yet in a spot that wouldn’t get much over 100-120°. That...
  15. K Kruger

    Freezing a full brisket

    Sell-by dates are for the retailers, not consumers, as is usually thought. They’re fairly immaterial. They have absolutely nothing to do with food safety. “Best if used before…” is a quality thing; again, not a food safety thing. “Use by…” is a quality thing and maybe possibly a safety thing...
  16. K Kruger

    Bump in the road

    It will.
  17. K Kruger

    Bump in the road

    No need to throw them out. Not a safety concern if they were a) frozen, b) fridged to thaw, c) destined to be smoked/cooked thoroughly. There aren't pathogens that would significantly outgrow in freezer or fridge temps even if present in significant numbers (which is highly unlikely). Cooking...
  18. K Kruger

    Pork butt safety question, first time ever had this problem.

    Cross contamination is often the big deal and why I never recommend rinsing or washing of poultry (especially), nor any other meat. Always ignore instructions to do so. (Stunning how many "chefs" repeat this fallacy.) If necessary, pat the poultry or meat dry and immediately dispose of the...
  19. K Kruger

    Pork butt safety question, first time ever had this problem.

    Could be conducive to salmonella though unlikely. Furthermore, cooking correctly destroys salmonella even were it teeming with it. As for potato salad, typical picnic items made with mayo, etc., it is a myth that the mayonnaise is the issue. Commercial mayo (and homemade if made correctly) is...
  20. K Kruger

    Pork butt safety question, first time ever had this problem.

    There is a time factor but it is not the same across the board, i.e., there is no "one size fits all". It's very dependent on the circumstances. As for cooking, this article I posted to this board over 10 years ago sums it up well. Also see this rather long thread. Because all of this is so...