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  1. Teddy J.

    Anybody own a Big Green Egg?

    Great info everyone, thanks for all the feedback.
  2. Teddy J.

    Anybody own a Big Green Egg?

    Any difference in taste of food vs kettle or WSM?
  3. Teddy J.

    Anybody own a Big Green Egg?

    I’ve been watching the classifieds for a deal on a Weber Ranch, and come across cheap BGEs from time to time. I’ve only known one friend who owned one, watched him cook a couple times on it, but never ate any food from it. Being in front of one I understand why people like them, they are a...
  4. Teddy J.

    Weber WSM 22.5 Way Too Large

    How many people are you typically cooking for?
  5. Teddy J.

    I did a thing. Ranch Kettle content.

    I support this decision. Any close up pics of the temp probe where it goes in the lid?
  6. Teddy J.

    Not grilling - sucked down the TVWBB rabbit hole

    Wendy’s chili and cold cuts with tuna, I’ll take ‘em. 😂
  7. Teddy J.

    N code Jumbo Joe Platinum

    JJ is extremely underrated grill, I’m an advocate too! Cooks the best steaks too IMO, better than my Performer or any variation of the WSM. In a pinch I’ve loaded it down for indirect cooking and had great luck.
  8. Teddy J.

    Beercation 2022

    Same thing I was thinking!
  9. Teddy J.

    How to make the charcoals very hot for searing?

    The nice thing about Webers is not much changes in 7 years. 😊
  10. Teddy J.

    How to make the charcoals very hot for searing?

    If you find a Jumbo Joe for sale, the charcoal grate to cooking grate distance is perfect for cooking steaks. I use it every time!
  11. Teddy J.

    Boneless Pork Shoulder woes

    So wait, did Bradley cook a picnic or a butt? If picnic, then the results are not surprising. When it’s time to foil, I prefer to cook my picnics in a foiled pan covered, this way it can simmer in the juices and really steam. Picnics and butts to me are different cooks, and the end result I...
  12. Teddy J.

    Weber Performer needs some work

    I would have bought that all day. Currently looking!
  13. Teddy J.

    For something a little different... gator and chicken

    Actually I take that back. The location my guys go to is in Altamonte Springs, not too far from the previous Winter Park, FL location. They have another couple too if I recall correctly. According to menu they still have gator. I would usually get catfish or pulled pork. They’ve got some...
  14. Teddy J.

    Kingsford charcoal as a flavor

    For what it’s worth, smoking with lump was different, but grilling with lump the difference was even more pronounced. The first few meals I grilled on the Performer after switching to lump, grilled chicken for example - wow! It was something I’d never had before.
  15. Teddy J.

    For something a little different... gator and chicken

    Bubbalous Bodacious BBQ? Yes, still in business at same location. One of my business locations, our colleagues go weekly.
  16. Teddy J.

    Vintage Weber charcoal bin

    I’d be all about that if it was in my area -
  17. Teddy J.

    Wagyu Searing Advice

    How thick is the original steak?
  18. Teddy J.

    Kingsford charcoal as a flavor

    When I first got into live fire cooking I used Kingsford blue bag. I bought a variety of rubs and made some of my own, I had a hard time differentiating between the rubs. I felt like the charcoal from the kingsford briquettes were masking the flavor of my rubs. I switched to lump and could...
  19. Teddy J.

    Pulled Pork

    ~7.7 lbs bone in pork butt, marinated overnight with rub (Everglades), lump charcoal w/ 3 small chunks of apple wood, empty water pan, all bottom vents closed except one 30% open, top vent open 100%, 260-300F dome temp, meat on the fire at 9am EST, put in foil tray and covered with foil at...
  20. Teddy J.

    Old 18"- Can't Get Hot Enough

    Offset the lid by about an inch or so. I used to do the flip door trick, but offset lid seemed to work the same to me. Also safer, I.E. door not falling off.