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  1. mikemm

    Ribeye on for lunch

    good job! cooked to perfection.
  2. mikemm

    Philly Cheese Steak on the BlackStone

    Those grinders look awesome, you are so lucky to have a Good Son!
  3. mikemm

    Winner winner chicken dinner

    could you please send a plate of that my way, looks very tasty
  4. mikemm

    39 Wonderful Years Together

    Happy Anniversary, beautiful dogs.
  5. mikemm


    x2 on the breakfast very nice pizza.
  6. mikemm

    Pizzas on the WSM

    Awesome pizza pies, nothing like pizza on a grill.
  7. mikemm

    NY vs chicken…no contest

    cooked to perfection!
  8. mikemm

    Wings, potato salad, deviled eggs

    Awesome looking cook (y)
  9. mikemm

    Steak inspired by Cliff's Steak

    Cooked to perfection (y)
  10. mikemm

    The mini-wsm table

    very nice table good job (y)
  11. mikemm

    Flanked again!

    That looks awesome!! meat cooked to perferction could i please have a plate🙂
  12. mikemm

    My experience grilling Impossible Burgers

    x2 Fortunately most parties include beverages that would help the consumption process. ;)
  13. mikemm


    That looks soooooooooo good:censored: i have to go back to making bread awesome looking crust.
  14. mikemm

    Quick Summer Steak Dinner

    Nice cook, love me some steak and baker (y)
  15. mikemm

    WSM Makeover

    very nice graphics! (y)
  16. mikemm

    BBQ stool???

    Nice work on the stools (y)
  17. mikemm

    Just Another Weekend Two Bone Roast on the SmokeFire

    cooked to perfection (y)
  18. mikemm

    A Couple Cooks

    Awesome looking cook (y)
  19. mikemm

    8020 - 151 Smash burgers

    burgers look tasty! glad to hear no rum was harmed Lol