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  1. M Crooks

    First time Jerky

    I need to do this. Yours looks great
  2. M Crooks

    How do you light charcoal: Basket vs stacker I have used electric starters and have two chimneys. I always use a torch now. I can get grey coals in under 2 minutes
  3. M Crooks

    KBB On Sale At Lowe's

    You should be able to find a coupon for a online order and get even more off.
  4. M Crooks

    Sale Home Depot sale of Kingsford Original Charcoal at $9.88

    Sorry I have been busy the last couple of days. I think this goes till 4-20 read the instructions. You cant just copy and paste. I just ordered eight 20pound bags for $39.82 out the door.
  5. M Crooks

    Sale Home Depot sale of Kingsford Original Charcoal at $9.88

    There is a save $15 for $50 at lowes.
  6. M Crooks

    Lazy Easter, Beef Ribs, Motorcycle back on the road

    Ribs look great. xr400?
  7. M Crooks

    Brisket 2015

    How long did you let it rest before slicing?
  8. M Crooks

    Gyros - ---- got a restaurant depot card today

    Did you use the KCBS to get your membership?
  9. M Crooks


    Copy and paste the bottom link for the pic to show up. Do you live some where that doesnt usually get snow?
  10. M Crooks


    you got a big butt
  11. M Crooks

    WallyWorld Briskets for $2.58/pound

    I am thinking about waiting till the day of or day before its sell by date and asking for a deal. 17.72lbs is a big brisket for me. Anyone ever do that?
  12. M Crooks

    Got a CL find after years of searching

    Really nice find during non hunting season. CL all but dries up around here this time of the year
  13. M Crooks

    Going bigger???

    What up with the pellet attachment? I dont see those on bullets often. And thats one clean smoker
  14. M Crooks

    gas tubes?

    Yes it is registered under my name. I just had the lid replaced under warranty
  15. M Crooks

    gas tubes?

    I need to replace the gas tubes. Which ones should I get? Where has the best price?
  16. M Crooks

    Fresh ham help?

    I bought a fresh ham. I thought this was a good idea and wanted a big ham but after buying it now I think maybe I should of got a honey baked one and smoked it? I was going to smoke this but think it will come out like pork shoulder not a honey ham. What should I do?
  17. M Crooks

    Made my First Bacon! ....Finally!

    My last batch I also didnt use the brown sugar with the cure and it came out just a little to salty but still edible. Thanks for pointing that out. I was thinking it might have been not soaked and rinsed enough.
  18. M Crooks

    Finally Crispy Skin Pork Belly (Lechon)

    These look good This is on the list next belly I get