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    Wood Storage needed

    Had real good luck storing wood chunks in large corn bags (hold 5-6 doz ears). Mesh laundry bags or mesh sports equipment bags also work well.
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    Pulled Pork Storage

    I've had real good luck holding pulled pork in Food Saver bags refrigerated for a bit over 3 days. Cooked overnight Mon/Tues, put 5 lb aliquots in bags and refrigerated Tues afternoon, warmed and served at my daughters workplace (local hospital NICU/PICU) Friday night.
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    Allingham's Meatloaf--an epiphany...

    At the mention of meatloaf, my wife always found creative reasons to be absent at dinner time...until I let the R2 unit do its thing, and set a slice in front of her without any forewarning. Now, it is at least a monthly offering, with several already stashed in the freezer for those dark...
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    Tennessee > Bluff City: Ridgewood Barbecue

    Yep. Without a doubt. Serving packed houses since the mid-50s. Its out in the middle of nowhere, and well worth the trip!
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    Aaaaaaaaand, we're smoking. Pit master roll call . . .

    Cinnamon-chipotle rub on 32 lbs of peach-kissed pork butt here in the hills of TN...the Smokies smell like pecan about now...
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    Thinking About Buying BBQ Guru DIGIQ DX2 What's Everyone Think

    Works very well, and (to me) is definitely worth it...especially on long or overnight cooks.
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    Possible fine for using WSM and other smokers in SF Bay Area

    Think I'll just stick to livin' here in the Great Smoky Mountains...
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    Christmas Eve wings

    First time to try some wings on the R2 unit. Marinated a few overnight in a jerk marinade, and some more in apple cider with a hint of brown sugar. Drained this morning, let them dry off in the fridge for a couple of hours, then very lightly coated the sweet wings in a sweet butt rub we like...
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    Wind shield

    This. Just be sure to get the older style blankets that are 100% wool. I fold one in half lengthwise, wrap around the R2 unit, and clip it at the overlap point with a single small spring clip. Easy to sue, easy to store. I got two on eBay for around $35 total. Downside - makes your R2 unit...
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    2 14 lbs turkeys ... need some help

    Just finished my second run of the week. First one was 5 breasts averaging 8.5 lb apiece - top rack (2) came off in 3:45, bottom rack (3) came off in 4:15. Smoker ran 300-310 after about an hour run-up, outside temp about 48 degrees. Second run was a 21 lb whole bird on bottom, 2 9 lb breasts...
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    Smoking 3 7lb whole breast tomorrow, question

    I always keep the water pan in place, regardless of the amount of water in it. For this week's turkey runs, I placed a disposable aluminum pan in the water bowl to catch drippings - much easier to clean that way, even if you foil the water pan (which I do).
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    First smoked wife is hooked!

    My wife has never been much of a meatloaf fan, so I decided to feed meatloaf to the R2 unit to see if that would change her mind. Used Old Man Jims recipe from these forums, running em at 300F over oak and pecan Glazed the left side of each with Danny's Glaze from the recipe, and the right...
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    Jerk-style marinade - yet again

    I've always used just the whole marinade, but you bring up an interesting possibility.
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    Weatherproofing ATC

    For the blower, I took a 2-liter soft drink bottle and cut the bottom off, then cut a rectangular slot about 4-5" up one side just wide enough to accomodate the width of the vent attachment to the blower . If it looks like rain, I just slide the bottle down over the vent tube, and the blower...
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    Cinnamon Pork & Rib Dust

    I gave this rub a try on some peach-infused pork butt, and...well, that dog will hunt! Looking forward to using it on ribs soon...up to now, my fave has been Historic Lynchburg's Cinnamon Chipotle rub, but I like this one as least as well. For my own taste, I bumped the cinnamon up a tick, and...
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    What mods have you done that you did not like?

    Existing bolt-hole grommet (dont remember if it was BBQ Guru or CB)- didnt like, as it was not big enough for 4 probes (2xDigiQ, 2xMaverick) at once. (I used a piece of threaded tubing, and it works great.) OK, but won't write home to momma: 90 degree charcoal grates and grate handles...
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    Smoke #2 for New Years Day

    Great looking Q! How did you prep the wings - they look very good.
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    Jerk-style marinade - yet again

    Have used this one for a number of years for grilled chicken and pork. Smoked chicken this year for a Christmas party, and it worked very well with that cooking method, too. Enjoy! Dry ingredients: 3 Tbs ground allspice or freshly crushed allspice berries 1 tsp ground black pepper 3 tsp...
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    Adding a bone in breast to a cook

    Did a 20lb bird along with two 8lb breasts today in my 22.5 WSM. Breasts were done in 3 hrs, whole bird was just 30 min longer. Was cold and snowing, so I filled the ring with charcoal - ran about 290 - 300 most of the time.
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    Tennessee snow birds

    75 lbs of turkey to it decides to be sub-30 degrees and snowing today. Which actually was a break from yesterdays 2" of cold rain. At least the wind wasn't blowing much - that could have been real bad. For the first run (20lb bird and 2 x 8lb breasts), loaded the R2 unit up with a...