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  1. Dave K

    Just a song I like.

    http:// As a Vol FF, this is one of my favourites. Or this one http://
  2. Dave K

    Happy Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians - - - Updated - - - And no, We don't have snow here still, that is a picture from a while back:)
  3. Dave K

    Pulled Pork for 100

    I was going to say 1/2 lb raw per person, so 50 lbs of raw product.
  4. Dave K

    My new BBQ

    Giving credit where credit is due, here is the trailer plans I used. I just made it 6 x 8 instead of 6 x 10. I made the Pit to fit what my old one was. An old furnace oil tank that had rotted out. This way I could reuse the spit grills etc... The new...
  5. Dave K

    My new BBQ

    Only used it once so far, and lit it up on site. I hope to take it into the parade on Canada Day this year. I am getting on old Farmall Super H from my Dad, and thought it would be cool to do that. We also supply pork products for the BBQ on Canada Day. We serve almost 1000 smoked pork chops...
  6. Dave K

    My new BBQ

    I have since added a spring to the lid for lift assist. I can open the lid with one hand. You can see my old one in the background. Much improvement. All done I have about $2k invested, and about 30 hrs of time into the whole unit.
  7. Dave K

    My new BBQ

    I built the trailer from scratch, and a neighbour and I built the BBQ. I used it once so far. Cooked 340 pork chops in just over 2 hrs. Capable of cooking a whole hog, as well as grills to cook chops sausage etc...
  8. Dave K

    Baked Bean Recipes

    This is my favourite recipe
  9. Dave K

    Finally getting a rotisserie

    Weber model 2290. I think it is the only one available for the performer. It comes with a riser ring as well. Used this bad boy the day after I got it. The chicken was done, but the skin I wasnt happy with. I did it direct about 30 mins, then wnet indirect. Doing some more this Sun. Going...
  10. Dave K

    Finally getting a rotisserie

    Would you do it indirect, coal around the outside, or right over the coals? How long should it take at 300* for a med size bird?
  11. Dave K

    Finally getting a rotisserie

    Would you do it indirect, coal around the outside, or right over the coals?
  12. Dave K

    Finally getting a rotisserie

    After having a performer for about 5-6 years, I finally bought a rotisserie for it. Does anybody have a good recipe for doing chicken on it. I think that is my first choice to try it out.:blueperformer:
  13. Dave K

    Keri C's Apple Juice Brined Turkey

    Been a couple of years since someone posted on her, so I thought I would bring it back to the top. This is my go to Turkey recipe for Christmas.
  14. Dave K

    It's been a long time

    I have facebook, but cant see the pictures. TVWB and the way Chris runs this site are second to none. Keep up the good work Chris.
  15. Dave K

    What is the BEST BBQ Forum?

    I agree 100 %
  16. Dave K


    I use the dollar shave club blades also. Same as Jim, shave the head and the face.
  17. Dave K

    Fresh ham on the WSM

    This is the recipe I use for Fresh Ham (leg roast)
  18. Dave K

    Pass the Sweet Stuff - Maple syrup gets a face-lift (article)

    Spencerville Ontario is less than an hour from Quebec. Lots of Maple syrup in Ontario as well
  19. Dave K

    Real Geeky!

    Not sure what this ones doing, but I clicked on one plane NE of Toronto, on its way from Dallas to Daytona. Sounds like the long way to me to go that way.
  20. Dave K

    You have choose only one rub/seasoning for a year. Pick one

    Bad Byrons Butt Rub for me.