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    Turkey warmup

    Really nice turkey, going to be checking back in this post in about 1 month!
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    First time smoking a rib roast

    Thanks for all the compliments, it was delicious!
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    First time smoking a rib roast

    That is a silicone probe holder I picked up from BBQ Guru when I purchased my Digi-Q.
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    First time smoking a rib roast

    Cleaning out the freezer! I follow Malcolm Reed on his channel, How to BBQ Right and followed his recipes. He seems like a really great guy and has a ton of info for people who like BBQ, can’t recommend him enough. Onto the WSM at 275 until it was supposed to hit 129... My one major mistake...
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    Questions on 325f Cook

    Other may have different opinions but if I want temps over 300, I spread the chimney coals out over the whole ring when I dump it in. I have a hard time maintaining those temps without all the bottom vents open and the bbq guru running as well. I am also considering installing a second top...
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    Help with my outdoor BBQ area

    That's what I was looking for, how much space between the two sides. I will try to lay it all out and see if it hits or I fit. Good idea.
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    Help with my outdoor BBQ area

    I have a little shed that I want to build a little BBQ / grill area next to and put all my toys in one place to make life easier. The patio I want will have to be 16' long but the width is up to me. I want to put a stainless prep table out there along with the following: A 22" WSM, a genesis...
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    Getting the marinade into the chicken?

    How do you get it to seal without sucking out the liquid? Mine model pulls all the air out and automatically switches to heating mode to burn the edge shut.
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    Smoking Fish?

    Harry Soo says one thing, others say the opposite. Can I smoke fish in my WSM 22 and not have it make everything else smell like fish later? Don't want to ruin my baby. Tom
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    My first ever smoker - 22.5 WSM just showed up today!

    I use a small cooler to store all my electronics in. Cheap and while it's not totally waterproof, it's good enough with a towel in the bottom to keep your digitals happy if a quick sprinkle should pop up. Food buckets can be found at any restaurant. Usually I have a 1.5 or 2 gallon version to...
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    My first ever smoker - 22.5 WSM just showed up today!

    Those gloves are good for handling food not on a pan. Breaking hot pork pieces into little chunks, transferring stuff off or on the smoker. Grabbing meat to wrap it in foil, pulling foil wrapped meat on or off the smoker. Putting foil wrapped food into a cooler to hold it. I generally use...
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    Harry Soo's Water Pan

    Why is everyone foiling clay pots to sit in the water pan. I ball up a piece of foil, put it in the pan and then foil the water pan itself. I can see the clay acting as a heat sink but is it really all that necessary?
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    Getting the marinade into the chicken?

    I guess I misspoke. It soaks in a vinegar brine for 2 hours then gets a dry rub before going on the grill.
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    What's the best method to sharpen knives

    It may not be the best but I use Forstner knives and a Chef's Choice to sharpen them. It's quick and easy and I don't have to fret about having everything just so.
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    Getting the marinade into the chicken?

    I thought about injection but hadn't seen anyone mention it in the recipes. I guess that will be my next project.
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    Getting the marinade into the chicken?

    I have made the Cornell Chicken recipe from Cook's Country that is also posted on here and it has turned out delicious but I have one problem with the recipe. I have made the recipe with 4 lb. birds and 8 lb. birds but in both cases, the marinade flavor only really penetrates about 1/2" into...
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    How many briskets on 22" WSM? Need to cook 100#

    I can only get one per rack and using the high heat method, I need the room to get an disposable roasting pan in there to cook them in. Using high heat, you could probably cook them all in 2 days with little effort. Tom
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    Whole Hog / 120 lbs

    Are you a homebrewer as well? The chimney set up looks like a beer making rig. Also, how do you eat it? Does it all taste the same (like pulled pork) or does each section have a distinctive flavor?
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    Smoke loss

    It happens all the time. I opened my lid and noticed after all that "loss" it still took 20 seconds to see the meat in there. I then quit worrying about it...figured there was plenty of smoke to still go around.
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    Bacon made easy

    Delicious taste, the smoke really makes the difference between ham and bacon! Gotta get me a deli slicer. With my knife skills I might as well have cut it with a chain saw! Thanks for all the great reading in this forum! I couldn't (wouldn't?) have done it without you.