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    Will a WSM benefit me?

    I've got exactly this setup in my back yard (22" Performer, 22" WSM). When it comes to "what can my WSM cook that my kettle can't", the answer is really the amount of food. You can't get a brisket and two butts on the kettle at the same time, but you can easily with the WSM. In addition to...
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    Do I REALLY have to plan on 21 hours??????

    Cook time has to do with thickness, not weight. If you took a 17lb brisket and hammered it flat so it was only 1/4" thick, it would cook really fast. Of course a 17lb brisket will tend to be pretty thick anyway, but at some point the cook time mostly levels out. A 20lb brisket cooks in about...
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    My 22 wsm mods... Check it out!

    Needs and Unknown BBQ hinge and you're all set.
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    Can my Maverick be this far off???

    My dome is consistently cooler than the cooking grate. If you have the Maverick too close to the edge, it catches the stream of hot air coming up around the water bowl and reads higher than what your meat is getting. It needs to be an inch or two in from the side of the cooker. If you don't...
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    Grilling Your Steaks And Burgers......Lid On - Or - Lid Off?

    It's designed to use the lid. Lid on for everything - direct sear, indirect cook, whatever.
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    Sauces and Rubs

    Amazon is pretty big.
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    A couple of Brisket Questions?

    I'd personally test rubs on steaks. Way quicker to cook.
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    How many Butts?

    Yep, 6 easy, 8 max.
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    First run NEEDS to be a big cook! Help me get this right.

    An 11lb bag of Kingsford Comp gets me enough burn time in the summer to cook butts in a 22". Should be more than plenty in an 18". Whatever size bag is around 11-15lbs is what you should buy.
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    Reminder about Harry Soo Q&A from 2010

    Yeah, that PDF is what got me started down the path of good BBQ. It's an excellent resource even if you're just starting out. Use his rubs, cook at his temperatures, and you'll end up with a decent product. Tweak from there. It's like BBQ 101 handed to you for free.
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    If you had $100 to spend at the meat market, what would you buy?

    Toss-up between a beef tenderloin and a pork crown roast.
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    To much fat on that BUTT?

    I take the fat cap off completely also. No need for it, and you get more usable bark without it.
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    Can't get temps down

    Your meat won't dry out in the oven any more than it would in your pit. Go for the oven hold.
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    Dumb question about the Aaron Franklin Butt Video

    Yep, this. If you don't wrap on a stickburner, you get a meteorite.
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    Best Sauce for Brisket... homemade or store bought?

    Can't help with a personal choice, I don't sauce my briskets. Here in TX we don't sauce our briskets when cooking, but we may serve a TX-style sauce on the side. Aaron Franklin's recipe on his YouTube channel is a good starting point.
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    Fat Cap UP, or Fat Cap DOWN?

    Not really a wrong answer in terms of how it cooks. I prefer down the whole time so I don't have to remember which end is which. When I'm slicing brisket, I prefer the fat cap on the bottom. It just looks nicer while you're slicing. For butts I generally take the fat cap off so I don't have...
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    A couple of Brisket Questions?

    Butts cook in about the same time as a brisket, so it's an easy add-on. Ribs require more in-and-out of the smoker, so you'll slow down your brisket cook a bit. You can inject if you want to, it's not necessary. No such rule. At the stall is more like the earliest you want to wrap to make...
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    Needing a challenge!!

    No worries, not many people have. If you get a "bone-in pork belly", you've got bacon and spare ribs that just haven't been separated yet.
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    I use the baskets (well, basket) every time. I find that a single basket pushed all the way to one side gives me a perfect cook. I go indirect to cook the meat to almost done, then a quick sear directly over the coals to finish it off. I get a good char on the outside and very tender, juicy...
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    Tactical Chef Apron

    Makes me wonder if I could make some kind of MOLLE harness for my WSM. Those things are a pain to carry any sort of distance. It would be easier strapped to my chest. :)