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  1. Tony C.

    Smoke Day brisket prepped and waiting.

    I just barely got the brisket on before Smoke Day ended. I have a lake out back and was enjoying some adult beverages while catfishing. I looked at my phone and it was 11:20pm :ROFLMAO:. Luckily the WSM was prepped so I got it going within 20 minutes. BbqGuru Party Q has kept her steady at 235...
  2. Tony C.

    Cuban pork butt. Happy smoke day 2020

    Looking good. I could go for an authentic Cuban sandwich about right now. :wsm:
  3. Tony C.

    Smoke Day brisket prepped and waiting.

    Decent looking 11 pound brisket from Walmart trimmed up, rubbed down and shoehorned into a 2.5 gallon Ziploc bag until 10:00pm tonight. I had planned on doing Babybacks on the WSM today and then putting the brisket on later for overnight cook but there was rain and thunderstorm chances this...
  4. Tony C.

    What are you barbecuing on Smoke Day?

    Just picked up an 11 pound whole brisket.
  5. Tony C.

    Better charcoal chamber?

    I am finally using the basket I got from It arrived less than a week after ordering but I haven't had time to try it out. I will say it is very heavy duty and will probably last forever and it can hold a LOT of charcoal. I'm only doing a few Spares today so I only filled it up...
  6. Tony C.

    Better charcoal chamber?

    I'm not the best when it comes to remembering to cover up the WSM and it gets rained on quite often. Living near the ocean probably doesn't help either. In all honesty the charcoal chambers were probably fine to use but the rust bothered me.
  7. Tony C.

    Better charcoal chamber?

    I have had to replace the charcoal ring in my 12 year old WSM twice and have bought at least 6 charcoal grates. I stumbled across this tonight because I need another charcoal ring and grate. They have a 18.5" and 22.5" one. The stainless steel charcoal grate and charcoal ring are welded...
  8. Tony C.


    I wasn't talking about putting the water pan on top of the Firedial but putting a disposable foil pan on top of it to catch grease. Firedial would set on the water pan tabs with a disposable pan on top.I don't think that would cause airflow problems. I would not use the disposable pan on higher...
  9. Tony C.


    I have been thinking about getting the Firedial but only because I am going to order their charcoal basket and reviews say you can't use the water pan because the basket is too high. I would probably put a foil pan on top of the Firedial for butts or brisket though...
  10. Tony C.

    Roadside Chicken

    I cook mine this way but I use hardwood charcoal. I got a craving for RSC today so I got a huge pack of thighs for tomorrow.
  11. Tony C.

    Holiday BBQ

    My wife told me she wasn't in the mood for ham or turkey this year. I suggested rib roast and she said "MEH". I was joking around and suggested starting a Christmas tradition of smoking baby back ribs. She said that sounded great. I picked up a 3 pack from Sam's yesterday. I can't wait :)
  12. Tony C.

    WSM Outside?

    I have had my 18.5" WSM outside for 6 years.I cover it with a 22.5" premium kettle cover( it doesn't leak) also both of my grates are the stainless steel grates form
  13. Tony C.

    I'm starting from scratch

    If you are going to use an automatic temperature control device you will not want to use water in the pan. Just foil with a air gap at the bottom so the grease doesn't burn.
  14. Tony C.

    Crockpot butt question

    back in the day I used to do them low and slow in the oven as mentioned but every hour I would spray with an apple juice,cider vinegar,liquid smoke mixture. They turned out okay. not great, but okay
  15. Tony C.

    Weber Lawsuit? *****

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by timothy: Great chimney starters by the way! Tim </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Dang, why didn't I think of that? What better way to support Weber and thumb your...
  16. Tony C.

    Weber Lawsuit? *****

    I got a post card about it in the regular mail yesterday and it used my nickname not my real first name. I'm not sure how they got my address or my nickname as everything I order online I have to use my real first name for the credit card info. strange. anyway. the postcard took a trip through...
  17. Tony C.

    Brisket price-oh my!

    Walmart here carries them for $2.99/lb. that is still a little high for me so I only do them once or twice a year. I keep my eye out for managers specials because of a nearing sell by date.
  18. Tony C.

    Grate Temp

    I just stick my temp sensor in the lid vent. I don't have one of those fancy new WSM's.
  19. Tony C.

    Ideas? What are you grilling this weekend?

    I have some thighs marinating for Roadside Chicken tonight.
  20. Tony C.

    Warning for lump users......

    I ripped down my dad's old deck so i could build a new fence yesterday. Whoever lived there before(at least 20 years ago) put a 16" strip of expanded metal along the bottom of the fence before they built the deck. My dad said the people he bought the house from had a small dog. The metal is in...