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    Smoked Turkey Meat

    Brian, I do that all the time. Pork loin, rump roast, turkey are some of my favorites to smoke and slice. I still have a little bit of rump roast that I cooked in a dutch oven on my wsm. While a do have an electric slicer; for this I just made sure my knife was very sharp and sliced away for...
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    I agree with Bob; shoot for medium rare when cooking duck. I might suggesting pullling the duck just as the breast starts to firm up, then let it rest a good 15 mins. It will continue to cook. A nice fruit glaze works well with it as well. Don't give up; try again! Paul
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    sriracha corn & burgers

    Great looking burgers, but the edging isn't very straight....oh, never mind.:rolleyes: What some guys will do for the sake of their yard...
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    Add/Subtract one thing to this Rub

    -4 tbsp Kosher Salt -2 tbsp White granulated sugar -2 tbsp Brown sugar 2 tbsp California Mild Chili Powder -2 tbsp Paprika 1 tbsp Ground Cumin 1 tbsp Granulated Garlic 1 tbsp Black pepper ½ TSP Cayenne pepper +1 tbsp Granulated Onion powder +1/2 T thyme + 1/2 T sage Shake a little of...
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    Shucked Oyster in Liquor Help

    Probably too late for your oysters, but my favorite grilled version is Angels on Horseback. The version I make is take a half length of bacon, drop your oyster onto it, sprinkle with lemon pepper and add a slice of fresh jalapeno. Roll and hold together with toothpick. Grill. Enjoy. These...
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    When to add wood?

    Welcome Andrew! I generally add the meat right after dumping the lit coals. I do not wait for the temp to come up as cold meat will affect the time it takes to get to your desired cooking temp (think heat sink like a pan of water). Your sequence of adding wood is fine; there's no set recipe...
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    I'm considering a new oven

    I generally just use dish soap and warm water. Tougher baked on grundge usually comes off with a 'green' scratch-free pad/sponge. If I really make a greasy mess, then I squirt the whole top down with Greased Lightening, let is soak for a few minutes, then wipe clean. Paul
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    Hello from Austin Tx.

    Welcome neighbor! Paul
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    Happy Birthday *****

    Thanks guys! Paul
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    Full Packer Briskets on an 18in WSM?

    Dan, I wrap a brick in foil and place it under the middle of the brisket causing it to bow upwards. This pulls the ends away from the outer hot zones. Paul
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    Looking for low/no sugar brine for smoking salmon, flounder, and grouper.

    Ben, Chris's comment made me think of an important point and that is the strength (salt %) of the brine. Here's a great link for sausage and smoking foods. It's a detailed piece, but not excessively so, on smoking fish. Paul
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    Looking for low/no sugar brine for smoking salmon, flounder, and grouper.

    "How long would you do the brine?" Depends on the thickness of your fillets. I'd think anywhere from 2 - 6 hours would work. Founder is pretty thin; at least the ones I catch :p, grouper can obviously be a lot thicker. Fish brines pretty fast* *'pretty fast' meaning the basic reason for...
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    Looking for low/no sugar brine for smoking salmon, flounder, and grouper.

    Ben, A brine doesn't have to have sugar. The only thing a brine needs is salt. Many balance out the harshness of salt with sugar, but it's not necessary especially if you rinse the meat before cooking. A basic ratio of 1 cup salt to 1 gal of water will give you a basic brine. From there...
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    Need to transport birds. Adjust pull temp?

    Steve, What temp will you be cooking the birds? Carry over temp/continued cooking is a factor of initial cooking temp and mass of the meat. The higher the temp and the larger the mass; the greater the carry over cooking factor will be. If you're cook these 14 pounders at 350+, then...
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    Man Wiviott has a tude but.......

    Since you've already purchased the book go ahead and try out his technique. For me, the tips on this forum work very well. The WSM is a very basic and easy to use smoker. If you follow any of the recipes in the cooking section here, it's hard to mess up. Paul
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    Jack Daniels turkey brine

    Gary, Larry posted a recipe. Check it out here. Paul
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    Good looking bird; nice color. How'd it turn out? Paul
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    Recommendations for Brisket Injection

    Alan, I'm not familiar with the injection you described. With beef, I prefer a savory sauce/glaze/rub/injection, but that's only my personal preference. Were it me, I'd probably opt for a mix of good, no sodium beef broth, herbs (thyme, rosemary, etc.), garlic, onion, mushrooms, salt and...
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    Top vs Bottom grates

    Welcome Tucker! The top rack will usually be a little hotter but the difference is negligible. You can use either one with confidence. The top is more convient so people cooking multiple meats will choose the top for meat that finishes faster. Paul
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    Need a Chili Recipe for Cook off

    Ben, I don't have a set recipe; I cook chili a little different each time. This past week a made a batch and was quite pleased with it. I used a thick cut of bottom sirloin; cut into steaks. Grilled those to get a little char then cubed them to about 1/2". Grilled some poblanos (don't...