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  1. Khanh Hoang


    just did a candied spiral ham for the first time in my mini.. I took the ham, I made a marinade of water, brown sugar and maple syrup, I food saver it for two days!!! in the frig. Got mini-wsm up to 250F, put the ham in with a chunk of Avacado and Almond.. smoke for about 2 hours.. internal got...
  2. Khanh Hoang

    Target Weber Clearance has started (YMMV)

    Scored last Week bought two OTS 18" for $24.98 and two JJ for $23.98 some stores wont price match
  3. Khanh Hoang

    Lump characteristics vs briquettes when starting

    Actually Lump leave alot less ash than briquettes, and btw I know most of you know this.. charcoal is made of charred wood, lump is 100% charred hardwood while the KBB is packaged condense sawdust... anywho to each his own, I run lump in my Kamados and KBB in my WSM..
  4. Khanh Hoang

    The Wood Shed in Orange, CA

    40lb of Mesquite Lump all year round for $16...
  5. Khanh Hoang

    For people whom bought their WSM used.. How much did you pay?

    as much as I want the 22.5", I can't see myself ever using it.. plus the fuel consumption is something to consider
  6. Khanh Hoang

    For people whom bought their WSM used.. How much did you pay?

    Well at least we know how much our WSM is worth.. I think the price is effected by the season as well but truly there should be no season for BBQ as you can BBQ year round
  7. Khanh Hoang

    Smokey Mountain vs Green Egg

    WSM are for Smoking meat.. that's it.. no grilling Kamados are for Grilling, you can smoke in a Kamado but the smoke penetration is not there Therefore, I use my mini and WSM for smoking, Kamado for Grilling and the Performer for starting my charcoal chimney for my cookers
  8. Khanh Hoang

    Kingsford competition charcoal

    My goodness, and I thought having 300lbs was stash looks small compared to yours
  9. Khanh Hoang

    clay plate vs water in pan?

    What are your thoughts on a cast iron pan? instead of a clay
  10. Khanh Hoang

    For people whom bought their WSM used.. How much did you pay?

    Excellent Deals.. $100 is phenomenal deal for a 18.5" more so for a 22.5" but to get it for less is awesome
  11. Khanh Hoang

    How much to charge for used my 22" WSM

    keep in mind, it's BBQ season so your demographic of buyers is more now. I just sold my vintage 1995 WSM 18.5" with all the mods to a friend for $125 (I know I could have gotten more $150-$175 if listed in CL).. yours being a 22.5" should go for $225-$250 (around these parts anyways)
  12. Khanh Hoang

    For people whom bought their WSM used.. How much did you pay?

    I scored an minty 18.5" WSM for $100 though I've seen and wasn't quick enough to get one for $50 :p How much did you pay for yours?
  13. Khanh Hoang

    how often do you use your WSM?

    sadly, once every three months
  14. Khanh Hoang

    Kingsford Black Friday Spring Sale at Home Depot

    you beat me to the Post.. Lowes is $12.99 for the 40lb end 4/14/14
  15. Khanh Hoang

    Mini WSM build details

    That was why we asked about the hole drilled in the Tamale pot vs one big hole cut thru, I have mine on my balcony and even with the wind, the temp stayed above 350F.. some thing to think about.. but nice cook
  16. Khanh Hoang

    Mini WSM build details

    very nice touch, let us know how it cooks..
  17. Khanh Hoang

    access panel knob replacement

    the knob is the most frustrating element of the WSM system, specially when you are in the middle of a cook and can't get the door to lock in place... I ended up making one with parts I have laying around my garage.. it can be done with the existing door, I was able to score a Cajun Bandit door
  18. Khanh Hoang

    Green egg

    I am so sorry.. I didn't know I resurrected a post that was a about a year old...
  19. Khanh Hoang

    First smoke on 22.5 WSM - chicken breast

    1. I have 5 lbs of skinless/boneless breasts soaking in brine. Is it necessary and why do people pat or dry off brine? Any harm in going directly from brine to the grill/smoker? I usually pat dry, then coat with olive oil and then dry rub... I'm sure you can go directly into smoker as it will...
  20. Khanh Hoang

    Green egg

    Even if you put $250 into it, and decided to sale it, you can sale it on CL for $400-$500.. it a win win but since you have it, try it.. I bet you will like it! I bought a used Acorn Kamado and love it.. now wanting a green egg..