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    22" WSM with extras $480 Raleigh/Durham

    Updated the ad as I found a few more items and new parts that are included with this as well as updated pictures. If sold at asking price I will also include a Maverick ET732 with 2 new probes for it.
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    22" WSM with extras $480 Raleigh/Durham

    This is actually mine :) Local person that also happened to be a member here posted this after talking with me. Its mine and the end of my WSM and kettle ownership over the years. I sold all my kettles and now the smoker is going too. Just dont have time nor the big family to cook for as I...
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    My 22 wsm mods... Check it out!

    I did all three of my smokers the same way. I took the base with the legs installed as its assembled and sat it on a concrete floor. I just turned the smoker base lightly a few times causing scratches on the bottom of the legs at the curve in a straight line. I then flipped the smoker over on a...
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    Grommet Mod For New ET-732

    The caps are usually back in the aisle where the black iron pipe is at in Home Depot. Should be in same area in Lowes near the same.
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    E-330 replaced with a S-330

    Sad thing is I never even got to use the E330 before it got stolen. Brand new and unused yet and even had a upgraded cover on it. Love the S330 and have cooked quite a few things on it lately with the latest being 2 whole chickens on the rotisserie. Great grill . I definitely have been breaking...
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    E-330 replaced with a S-330

    It was clearly marked across top of box as customer return yet nothing was missing from box. My best guess is they didn't know it was a NG version or couldn't hook it up. Either way it was lucky for me to get at $470 out the door.
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    E-330 replaced with a S-330

    Thanks, I`m rather happy with the find. Seeing it was local pick up only I'm glad I was in TN too.
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    E-330 replaced with a S-330

    As some know I had a new unused yet grill stolen mid year and have been looking for a good deal to replace it. Been in TN for the last 6 weeks helping daughters friend flip a house and found a new Weber. Scored this new in open box Weber Genesis S-330 for half price. Cant wait to get it back...
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    Theft deterrent for your Weber gas grill

    Wish I had that on mine when it got stolen and they may have left it alone.
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    "Brand new gold Performer" $100

    It happens, ask my brother-in-law. Brand new grill kissed by his wifes car.
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    Lowe's 2-pk 20lb Kingsford $9.88 - Extended to 9/3/14

    I do mostly all of the cooking in my house so she doesn't mind if I buy cooking supplies :) She takes care of the rest of the stuff so its a good trade. Have to go to Lowes and have a coupon to sweeten the deal a bit more so will pick up some.
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    alternative to high temp tape

    For the 18 and 22s the plug sizing are as follows: For the 14 version I`m not sure of the exact size.. Everbilt-3/4" -in-Nickel-Plated-Steel-Hole-Plug-13118/202209533 are the ones at Home Depot and run about $1.70 each Mcmaster-carr.-----Push-in Metal Plug, Nickel-Plated, Fits 3/4" ID, 59/64"...
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    My 22 wsm mods... Check it out!

    They are the 3/4" plugs and its same size on the 18 or 22 versions. I have a bunch here at the house. PM me if interested or see my other link if you need some..
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    Is the Smokenator worth it?

    Before I got my WSM and found this site I started with a smokenator. I did quite a few pork butts on it with great success and even did multiples a few times as well as a Turkey and etc. It can be done BUT..Be prepared to keep adding charcoal into the insert every couple hrs at the least. The...
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    Question About Handle Mod on 22.5 WSM

    I use mine on my 22 also and built them so they fit flusher. Factory cover fit okay still with the handles on vertically on first and bit snugger on second smoker with them horizontally. I eventually swapped the OEM cover to match the others on my gas and charcoal grills
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    Your thoughts on the 3 in 1 grate mod?

    Did the same wiring the grates to the ring but added the handles too but used eye bolts for them. I actually use them on mine :) but wouldn't be a big deal if they were not there.
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    Multiple Pizza Screen Tower Help

    You could always get the Fire wire skewers as they are stainless and loop them up through. They are a smaller gauge flexible wire that would work great for this. Just use blocks still between each with the wire going up through and you could fix the end in some way to stay put on the bottom. It...
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    Mesh underneath charcoal ring

    I just use two charcoal grates on top of each other going in opposite directions. Keeps the real small pieces of lump from falling through but also not small enough not to let ash fall through freely during a cook.
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    New toy for Easters!!

    Nice find but from the looks of the drip tray it looks like you need a new place to sit your lids :) Thinking of snagging a smaller one for quick cooks just for the wife and I meals.
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    Maverick ET - 73 -- Not registering transmitter

    I know mine beeps when it pairs but not sure if its more than 1 beep. Unfortunately I`m not at the house where its at to pull it out and check to see.