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    Anyone use a 55 gal drum smoker? Is this 1 ok to use?

    Link to images of the drum: it seems fine to me. i scrubbed it down and gave it a good rinse. im about to set a big fire in it to burn the 'grease' residue. the 'grease' was in a bag, but there was still some in there and on the lid. all ready drilled holes. 3...
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    cleaning/maint/ water pan options

    I usually clean out my cooker a day a use. when im done cooking, i shut the the vents to kill the coals and let it cool. the next day, i notice there is a light coating of rust on the upper 3rd of the mid-section and the lid interior. should i keep the lid vent open to let steam get out...
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    Your butt(s)

    225-250, for a long time i would foil at 160. after quite a few cooks on the WSM, i find that in warm/hot outside temps and full water pan, the butts don't stall until 170ish. I also get a better bark letting them go up to 170 before foiling.
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    A comparison of Pork Butt Injections

    I always inject brisket too. i use beef base/water, with some soy, worsh, apple juice.....ive experimented with adding garlic pwd, onion pwd, cayenne to the injection...but now tend to just have a touch of that in the beef rub.
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    A comparison of Pork Butt Injections

    yea....sometimes i find that cooking ribs is more like......2.25 - 1.5 - .75 -.15 ha..... i check the least meatiest rack after 1 hour in foil, if its looking good and tender...maybe pulling back from the bone a bit, ill keep the foil open and just leave them in the 'foil boats'.....maybe...
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    A comparison of Pork Butt Injections

    So i did 4 butts over the weekend with 4 injections, injected 10oz into each 1-Strained, Kraft Zesty Italian dressing, solids mixed with yellow mustard and applied before rub 2-Pepsi(made with sugar) and chicken stock 3-My Pork Mop (oil, vinegar, water, soy...
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    Smoke Day 9 -- Beef Short Ribs

    Album of smoke day 9 below.....from Moline, was a wet weekend, but i still got the cooker fired up for WSM smoke Day. beef shorts smoked with apple/cherry pan/foiled after 3 hours, cooked to 190, removed from bone, cubed and simmered in injection/au jus turned out good....kind of like...
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    Just bought a partyQ for WSM 225...any tips?

    how long does it run on a fresh set of batteries? you saying you have to change them out during a cook? planning on doing some overnight 10-12 hours.
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    Just bought a partyQ for WSM 225...any tips?

    Just ordered today. What high heat tape should i use to seal it up? i went to lowes and menards and the only high heat tape i could find was up to 300 degrees. will that be ok? thx
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    butcher paper versus foil

    I always foil, butts and brisket. I like to push through the stall though. I also think ribs benefit from being steamed in foil for an hour or 2. never tried butcher seems like its used just as a layer of protection.
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    Superbowl BBQ giveaway at

    Over at ( a good site for foodies) they are giving out some of Mike Mills of 17th St BBQ in Murphysboro IL BBQ for superbowl party food. Log in, post a comment and they have a random drawing for a package of ribs, pulled pork, sauce and his rub and his book 'Peace, Love, BBQ'...
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    The All Encompassing Beer Thread

    Mike, the wife and if visited the twin cities a couple of years ago and Surly didnt distribute very far.. i think they were only in MN at the time. i could be wrong. anyway its great brew for sure...i love bitter brewer, session brew with strong hop nose/aroma. Anyone like Deshutes Brewing...
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    First Briskets on the WSM

    The Meat: 2 packers and 2 pork tenderloins On the Cooker at 6AM: Beef Stock/ Worchersire injection, Beef Rub: Black P, Kosher Salt, Ancho, Garlic P, Ground Mustard, White Sugar After about 6 hours the smaller 1 was at 165° and stalling. Move to pan and foil tightly with some stock...
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    Hello from the Quad Cities (IL/IA)

    Thanks..... Yep, I'm here in good ol' Moline. My wife and decided to stick around after ill probably be here in the QCA for some time....unless an opportunity arises to move to CO. doubtful....
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    Hello from the Quad Cities (IL/IA)

    Hey Guys, just stopping in and saying Hi. I bought a WSM 225 for xmas this year. I have had two successful cooks thus far. Did some ribs a few weeks back and just did some packer briskets this past was 8° when i got up at 5am to get the cooker fired. Turned out...