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    A Poor-Man's Sous Vide??

    Len, Anova ships to Canada for free. Don't know about duties/additional taxes, etc. I've built several "homemade" setups, all with various degrees of success...however, I can't tell you how much more convenient and accurate that Anova unit is. I use it several times a week...
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    Restored Genesis: My First

    Very nice job!
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    Restoring old Weber Redhead Genesis 1000

    Hope this helps...
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    My go at pastrami

    That sliced "pastrami" looks awesome!
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    How to flip the grate inside a Weber Chimney?

    Mine is a several years old but I was able to just pop one tab at a time without too much difficulty. Unless there has been a design change shouldn't need to drill out rivits!
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    interesting read
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    Do you guys use your gas ignition in your Performer?

    Was just thinking last night how wonderful the Performer is as I was grilling chops and okra... The gas ignition is great. Pile, light and spread or in the chimney for the smoker.
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    12hr pulled lamb shoulder

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    Roasted Lamb, new version for me

    Bill, That looks fantastic! TonyUK, no disrespect but NO mint sauce for me! :)
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    Does it need to be seasoned?

    And if you had it wouldn't make a difference. I've smoked salmon and then chicken and a butt. No problem. Now maybe if I was competing for 10k I might not take a chance. Only thing I think could be an issue is doing salmon and then immediately cold smoking cheese.
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    Fugly Fish, Great Dish

    Great cook! Monk fish don't get the respect they deserve.
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    Can old smoked cheese kill you?

    Get "Mikey" to try it & see if he likes it. Smoked;vac packed(still a good seal?) and refrigerated... I'd probably try it. That's me but I don't always make the wisest decisions!
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    No Turkey!?

    No turkey? Who cares! I'd be very thankful with that meal. Nice.
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    Brown Sugar

    Always make my rub in the food processor. Couple pulses and all is good.
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    Help w/ Lamb Roast???

    Um... This was incredible:
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    A Butt Rub (for Jane)

    Enrico - Those should be fine. My favorite rub and not just for pork. If you mix up a batch please let us know what you think! Ciao!
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    Another Emilie friday cook.

    Oh just WOW!
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    You have choose only one rub/seasoning for a year. Pick one

    If we had a "like button" I would of clicked it. ;)
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    First Time 2LB Lamb Gigot on WSM.

    Very nice Tony! I love lamb. What is a "Gigot" ? :)
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    Genesis Top End Removal?

    In idea as to why they would use those hollow nuts and not "real" ones? I was able to get mine off today by tapping a small screwdriver between the end piece and the hood flange. This provided enough tension to hold the bolt still.