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    New Q220, not loving life

    Chris, if you get fed up, let me know. I will cut your losses and take that Q200 off of your hands. Football season is coming up and my tailgate grill now lives at my daughters house in Auburn. I could use a replacement. Pat
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    New Q220, not loving life

    That's interesting about the side tables as well. Mine will easily support a platter with a couple of t-bones - maybe 5 pounds total. My Q220 and my Char Q each are about 3 years old. I wonder if Weber has changed the thickness of the plastic on the tables? I am crazy about all of my Webers -...
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    Larry Wolfe's BEST Recipe (revisited)

    He could be a bit cranky and I know he and Chris got cross-ways, but I sure do miss Larry's post on this site and I'll be danged if is rubs recipes that I got from him when he was outfitting his van aren't the best I've tried. I think I'll mix up a big batch of Wolfe Rub Bold in his honor! Pat
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    Heads up! Check your grill brushes.

    Grill Brushes can shed!
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    Bone in Ribeye steaks thick

    That is a reverse sear and it works like a charm. You can even sear on your gasser after slow cooking the steaks on the WSM, but if you cook them to 170, then they're ruined anyway - in my humble opinion. That is WAY WAY WAY past even a well-done steak. Take the thick cut steaks to about 110 on...
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    Royal Oak Bag Size

    Mike - there was a discussion (and some 'cussin) about this on the RO Facebook page. According to RO, the decision to go to 8.8 lb bags was based on 8.8 lb bags being the industry standard. The RO rep stated that it was the retailer who set the retail price, so basically, they passed the...
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    Mop with Brine??

    There are a lot of really good food safety folks on the board, so I will defer to them, but I've always understood that if you bring the brine to a boil to kill any bacteria, then you can use it in the cooking process. How about just separating some of your brine before you dunk the bird and...
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    i got another one

    Really Nice one George! Congratulations! Pat
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    Which to buy?

    what is your local Craigslist like when it comes to used Weber gassers? I've seen Genesis Silver B's here for as little as $50. That would seem a good way to go! Pat
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    Who is smoking on the mini WSM?

    Excellent! I love the "wind screen!" Pat
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    YES. My Q320 came used and the grates had been ignored and were terribly rusted after only a year. I bought new grates from Weber and I have religiously sprayed the grates or wiped them down with once used canola oil after each use and they are holding up quite nicely. I think if you will get...
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    terra cotta saucer

    I put a small grill grate on top of the TC saucer and put the chimney on top of that. Seems to get better air flow under the starter and into the charcoal. I set mine on cement. Might get a little nervous having sparks from lump charcoal flying from the chimney that close to a wooden...
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    Alabama GREEN Sauce

    Jon, there actually is a vendor down in these parts that is selling an Alabama white sauce with wasabi. I saw it a couple of weeks ago, but haven't tried it yet. I've heard it is very good, as yours obviously was! Pat
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    again !

    George, you can line them all up - like a little "Go Anywhere" trailer park! Pat
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    weber q 220 as a pizza oven

    In my experience with the Q220, it's not going to get up to pizza cooking temperatures (at least not to the 550 degrees at which I like to cook pizzas on my ceramic cooker). You might try cooking the pizza until the toppings are almost done then sliding the trivet off and finishing the pizza...
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    Grilling Failure

    George - I didn't mean to imply that I don't use drip pans in the holder at the bottom of the grill. Only that I don't line the bottom of the lower part of the grill itself with anything.... Pat
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    Q220 issue

    I've not had a problem with it getting hot enough. I do think it takes much longer to get up to searing temperatures than my Q320 or my Genesis, but it gets there - eventually. That being said, I do most of my cooking on the Q220 at between 350 and 400 and it will get there pretty easily given...
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    Can I please have a definite answer for steak temps.

    Yianni - Everybody has their own definition of each degree of doneness and their own idea about the temperature that correlates with each degree of doneness. I will tell you that, for me, the temperature at which I pull the steak off the grill depends on the thickness of the steak. I shoot...
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    Grilling Failure

    Was the flame up in your Q220? About once a quarter, I clean out the bottom of my Q220 with a wire brush, then some degreaser and high pressure water hose. I've had these flame ups and they seriously screw up whatever is on the grill at the time. I would tend to shy away from foil on the bottom...
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    Anyone use Stubbs Briquettes?

    I have about 8 bags of the Stumps briquettes. I use them for my WSM and my Performer, saving my lump for the Primo and Kamado Joe. It is a quality charcoal, better than K, IMHO, and especially good if you can get it for a couple bucks a bag off of the regular price, like I was able to do a while...