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  1. Mike N

    Water or other liquid in the pan?

    Hi Phil - when I make turkey on the WSM, I do so at higher heat (350 to 360). This helps crisp the skin. The only way I can get the smoker that hot is to not use any water in the pan. In fact, I foil the pan across the top and catch the drippings for gravy. Good luck!
  2. Mike N

    Butterball Turkey Audition

    Thanks for the kind words, and I agree, "it's just better".
  3. Mike N

    My wife's hidden talent

    I agree with Jim. I thought that was an actual doctor's white coat. Very impressive and kudos to you Mrs. Lynch!
  4. Mike N

    Butterball Turkey Audition Hi All - last year I auditioned to be the first Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Spokesman (they have always only had women). I didn't win, but I actually did go out in to the forest and cook an entire turkey dinner. Plus, I hauled in on my CanAM Commander, all the food...
  5. Mike N

    First comp at Firin up the Fox! Anyone else going to be around?

    Hi Tony - We just finished our first competition last week in Westmont at the Red, White and BBQ festival. It was fun. A lot of folks on this site gave me really good advice. We just signed up for Firin' Up the Fox. We'll see you out there. Good luck! -Mike (Smokin' & Grinnin')
  6. Mike N

    First Time Competition - Any Advice?

    Well, we made it through the amateur rib cooking contest. Truthfully, the word "amateur" is a misnomer; there were some serious rib smokers out there competing. It was far bigger and more bonafide than I imagined. Being a first-timer, it was a bit intimidating. That said, we were prepared with...
  7. Mike N

    First Time Competition - Any Advice?

    Hi All -- Thanks again for all of the advice and encouragement. We are looking forward to learning a lot and having fun. If anyone is around at the Westmont BBQ Festival on Saturday (5/25), look for Smokin' & Grinnin' and come by to say hello. Here is a link to our Facebook Event page if...
  8. Mike N

    First Time Competition - Any Advice?

    Hi All -- I was away on spring break and I come back to such great responses from everyone. Thank you all. This is the greatest site on the web! I have made a supply list and am practicing at home, which everyone appreciates. Dann B - I will try to find you at the 2 Skinny Cooks trailer.
  9. Mike N

    First Time Competition - Any Advice?

    Thanks for the great responses. I will definitely heed the advice and go in with a solid plan and tested recipes (the taste tests will be half the fun). In terms of hauling my wsm, I'm more concerned with the ride home as the smoker may still be hot. Do competitions traditionally have a coal...
  10. Mike N

    First Time Competition - Any Advice?

    Hi All - A friend of mine and I decided to join the amateur competition at the Westmont BBQ Comp in May ( The professional competition looks more serious, where the amatuer looks much looser. That said, it will be the first time we have ever done this. We will be...
  11. Mike N

    New Summit S-670 Natural Gas

    I just ordered a Summit S-670. I'm having a guy come out to install a natural gas line and I saw this thread. Can anyone provide me any information on what the specs are for optimal performance? Is 1/2" pipe big enough? Cheers, Mike
  12. Mike N

    Nothin' better to do, so...

    Great looking ribs! I also like the artistic nature of your pictures .
  13. Mike N

    Pulled Pork for Company Picnic (pictures)

    Thanks to all for your kind words. Y'all are very nice and I've sure learned a lot from this site.
  14. Mike N

    Pulled Pork for Company Picnic (pictures)

    This past Friday, we had a company picnic and I agreed to bring the bbq. I smoked 3 butts on my wsm, staying pretty close to Chris' slathered mustard recipe (here). At an average temp of 225, it took 16 hours to finish. That was longer than I planned(suffered through a 5 hour plateau at 159)...
  15. Mike N

    Hanky Panky's

    I just had these last Saturday at a party. Never had them before. They are really tasty! I'm also told that they freeze very well. BTW -- I brought ABTs which were a big hit. They were gone immediately.
  16. Mike N

    cherry cola ribs

    Doug -- looks fantastic! I have had good success with double wrapping potatoes and putting them right in to the coals. -Mike
  17. Mike N

    BBQ Ribs 1-3-09

    Good luck on the smoke today! If you don't have a lot of wind, the cold won't hurt you. The rub looks good. After your tweaks, you can probably now call it your own! IMO, you can save the mustard as it won't add much, but I'm with you (or is that your wife), I like sweet (i.e. brown sugar)...
  18. Mike N

    Weber Weekend....

    Hi Dave, Kevin posted this a couple weeks back Kinda Carolina Sauce. Not sure what makes it "kinda", but it is vinegar-based, and since it's Kevin's you can't really go wrong... Good luck with the feast! -Mike
  19. Mike N

    German BBQ????

    Hey Bryan, Do you usually make homemade sour kraut? I love kraut, but always buy canned or bagged. It looks like a lot of work to make it. Is it worth it? -Mike
  20. Mike N

    Brisket help...

    Hey Bob -- How did it go?