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    Recommendations on meat thermometers?

    Tel-Tru cannot go wrong, pop in the top. It is very accurate and you can calibrate it as well.
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    A Good Butcher Shop in the Nashville Area?

    Thanks, I am guessing you work for Publix? they are one of the few that will still cut meat.. either way, what brand of meat do you order? Mike
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    A Good Butcher Shop in the Nashville Area?

    Thanks, I went by there the other day and it did look pretty good, it was a little pricey. I live in the Nashville area, so it is a little out of the way also. Green, do you cook in Comps?
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    A Good Butcher Shop in the Nashville Area?

    Has any one found a good Butcher shop with quality meat for Comp. cooking....?
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    5 pound brisket flat -cooking time?

    hello, just looking for some good ets. times and temps? Also, with Jim's thigh recipe, when he talks about panning the chicken in sauce, should you place the pan back on the smoker with the sauced Chicken?
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    Online Apple wood chunks

    Yeah, but smokinlicious does not sell apple...
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    Online Apple wood chunks

    Where is the best place to purchase wood chunks currently? Price, service and supply....I have seen a lot of places that are out of Apple... Thanks
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    can you remove the new thermometer and stick a Tel-Tru tyrp thermometer in its place without hurting anything? also, do you think they will fix some of these monor issues in the near future? Should I maybe wait to purchase the new 22.5" later in the year? What are your opinions.. Thanks
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    Is it worth it?

    I have been using the 18" for some time now, and have been looking to upgrade to the 22". figured it would be easier to use in cook-offs etc. with the extra capacity. My only problem is, are there still bugs to be worked out with the new 22"? and is it really worth the upgrade? Thanks