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    A Return to Smoke Day--Lamb Shanks

    It's been at least 3, if not 4, years since I participated in Smoke Day, but I've decided to join in again. I'm smoking a couple of lamb shanks because that's what I had in the freezer (and I'm on a "use what you have" kick). Where I am currently sitting (my home office) gives me a great view of...
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    Thank you, Kevin!

    Thanks! This was very informative!
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    Smoke Day Participation

    Wow, that looks great!
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    Smoke day going well?

    An up and down Smoke Day for me. The up: successfully made lamb shanks. I've braised them all winter long (mighty deliciously, I might add!). I decided to try smoking them. Trimmed them last night, made a basic rub of salt, sugar, paprika, garlic, onion powder, cayenne, black pepper, rubbed...
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    Happy Smoke Day 9!

    Blair, that's an impressive array of tools you've got there!
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    So What's On Your SD( Menu?

    I'm experimenting with some lamb shanks. I've only ever braised them before (but with rave reviews every time!) Last night I trimmed them of silver skin and them put on a rub. Now they are smoking away!
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    Pitmaster Roll Call

    East central Indiana checking in. Locally raised lamb shanks went on about at 9:50 this morning. Decided to get out of my smoking comfort zone this smoke day (my 3rd!)
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    Win an iGrill wireless thermometer!

    I could use this!
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    Adding charcoal midway through job

    Great idea! And I think I have a piece of gutter in my garage somewhere!
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    Too hot and dry to smoke? Safety tips please

    FYI, the pork was delicious and very well received! Winds were light. I did sprinkle the patio with water prior to lighting the coals. Did the same when I grilled roadside chicken a couple of days later. I'm thankful that, unlike many, I didn't have to deal with any power loss either--good...
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    Too hot and dry to smoke? Safety tips please

    Thank you all for your tips! I feel much more confident and will be making those pork loins (assuming not too windy). You guys are the best!
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    Too hot and dry to smoke? Safety tips please

    I'm planning to smoke a pork loin or two Sunday evening for my mom and dad's visit (they are driving from PA to the HoosierLand). Should take only 2.5 hrs. But, like much of the US, my area is not only hot (we set a record high today of 105°F/41°C). And it's windy to boot. That's bad enough...
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    TVWBB on "Become the Memorial Day Grill Master"

    Just saw this. Thanks for posting the link!
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    Roadside Chicken

    Wow-- I made this on Sunday with some organic leg quarters and it was delicious! Mopped some sauce on every 5-10 minutes. Had the last leg quarter for lunch today. Didn't bother to heat it up--still tasty!
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    Cook times for 2 boneless pork loins

    Thanks! That's what I thought, but I'm still pretty new to smoking, so I wanted some confirmation.
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    Cook times for 2 boneless pork loins

    Hello, all! I occasionally smoke boneless pork loins to make sandwiches (they are in the 3-4 lb range). This takes 2-2.5 hrs. However, with my folks coming to visit in a couple of weeks, I thought I'd do two of them, one for dinner the first night and the second to slice up and send home with...
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    Ladies & Gentlemen...Start Your Smokers!

    Just took off a small (3 lb) boneless pork loin (only a two-hour cook)about 20 minutes ago. Too many things going on,which precluded doing anything requiring much time. Of course, not participating wasn't an option. But did have to taste test it-- looks like I'll have a bunch of tasty...
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    Stupid Injector question--I need some help!

    Thanks all! My new injector should arrive today. The recipe I have in mind is smoked pork loin, which starts with a brine. It's injected with apple juice before smoking.
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    Stupid Injector question--I need some help!

    I must admit to being fairly clueless in the ways of the injector. I bought one last year (that had a couple of holes on the side as well). Is that the correct kind to get? Also, (hanging head in smoke-tinged embarrassment and shame), how do you actually USE it? I had marinade all over the...
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    Thank you Thermapen..check out this chicken

    Your chicken looks fabulous! And I have been a Thermapen convert for a couple of years now.