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  1. Tom_M

    Aldi Cooks' Brand Charcoal, 8 pounds for $2.99. Anyone tried this? (Now $1.99)

    Grabbed all seven bags for $1.99 each at one of the Aldi stores in this area. Going to hit the other one tomorrow.
  2. Tom_M

    Minion Method or equivalent for an offset smoker?

    I look at it as just another tool (option) in the toolbox.
  3. Tom_M

    Minion Method or equivalent for an offset smoker?

    To each his own, but using the Minion Method with charcoal and wood chunks in an offset is a very doable and popular option. In fact, Klose builds charcoal baskets for their offset smokers and LavaLock sells a large assortment of charcoal baskets for different size fireboxes, just to name a few...
  4. Tom_M

    Minion Method or equivalent for an offset smoker?

    I use both of my WSM's more than the offset, just like to change things up sometimes.
  5. Tom_M

    Minion Method or equivalent for an offset smoker?

    I do it frequently in my Old Country Pecos. I use the charcoal ring from the 18.5 WSM, fits perfectly in the firebox , and small chunks of wood just like in the WSM.
  6. Tom_M

    Fire Starters - what are you using?

    I use pieces from empty charcoal bags under the chimney.
  7. Tom_M

    home depot mem day sale

    Embers is made by Royal Oak, I've used it in the past and liked it just fine. It has the Royal Oak name on the back of the bag if I remember correctly.
  8. Tom_M

    Smoking On The WSM With No Heat Diffuser

    For several years it’s been the only way I cook ribs on mine. My theory, which may be totally wrong, is that without the pan the heat rises straight up which helps the center of each rack cook evenly. I noticed that with the water pan in place the ends of the racks tend to burn a little.
  9. Tom_M

    No pan St. Louis spares

    I started cooking ribs without a water pan about two years ago and haven't used it since. I cook a little lower temp, generally below 250, here's a thread from almost two years ago on the first time I cooked ribs without a pan. No Water Pan Ribs
  10. Tom_M

    Less Smoke

    I don't know how many a "few fist sized chunks" is, but cut it back to one and see how that works. If that isn't enough then next time try two.
  11. Tom_M

    Beer Can Chicken on the WSM - (High or Low Heat)

    Drink the beer while you read THIS
  12. Tom_M

    What are you using for rubs?

    Usually make my own but the rubs available at are outstanding. I try to keep some around because, while mine is pretty good, Bill's is better!
  13. Tom_M

    Ribs without water pan

    Yeah, Dave I'd say 275 might be a bit too much heat without the pan, but maybe not. I try to keep it down around 230-250 because that's where I like to do most of my cooking. I like the idea pf rotating the grate, may not do anything but it makes me feel like I'm doing something!:D
  14. Tom_M

    Ribs without water pan

    My results, as illustrated above and in subsequent cooks with no pan, along with Noe's experiences, is that you don't.
  15. Tom_M

    Ribs without water pan

    After THIS EXPERIMENT last year it's the only way I do ribs now. I believe it eliminates the ends cooking differently/more than the center section.
  16. Tom_M

    how much wood?

    The amount of wood used depends on what you're cooking, what kind of wood you're using and how seasoned it is, and how much smoke flavor you like. A generic answer like " 3 or 4 chunks" doesn't tell anyone anything really because that amount may be way too much hickory for a small chicken, but...
  17. Tom_M

    seperating the Point from Flat early in the cook

    Separating the point from the flat before throwing them in the smoker has become my preferred way of doing briskets.
  18. Tom_M

    Where are you buying your Spares?

    I got three racks of spares yesterday at Meijers for a little over $3 a lb already St Louis trimmed that I'm going to cook Sunday. I know spares can be had for less money, but I always throw away the stuff I trim off because I just don't like messing with all of the gnarly, grisly stuff so I...
  19. Tom_M

    Smoke Ring: Faint or None

    The smoke ring is highly over-rated. The flavor comes from the smoke that settles on the surface of the meat. Adsorption vs absorption.
  20. Tom_M

    Water in the pan??

    Some use water, others don't. You really need to try it both ways for yourself and see what you prefer. I never use water because I don't believe the small amount of water that evaporates and enters the air stream inside the smoker does anything to make the meat moist, it simply travels out...