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    Royal Oak....

    Brian, Where do you buy your charcoal? Steve
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    My Jack Daniel's & Maple Syrup Brined Turkey w/Pics

    Just put one on about a half hour ago. What a great Sunday- Turkey in the smoker, firepit blazing, and a light snowfall coming down. Edit-Took the bird off about an hour ago, and I can't believe how good it came out. Thank you Larry for sharing this! Picture Steve
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    Post a picture of yourself! *****

    Here you go, Steve
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    Breaking in the new bullet

    All pulled, they came out pretty good, but I should have let them go for a while longer. I got impatient. Pictures Steve
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    Breaking in the new bullet

    Finally got the chance to break in the new smoker. Picked some butts (99 cents a pound at QFC) and put them on at about 11:45 AM. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Picture They're resting now, getting ready to pull 'em! 2 WSMs, OTG, OTS, SJP, Genesis Silver B, Q 120 Steve
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    Store Bought Rubs

    Stubb's BBQ Rub is one of my favorite. Tom Douglas's "Rub With Love" is pretty good, too. Steve
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    Spent my tax return..well part of it anyway

    Still have my old one, but I decided I wanted another. I already decided that next year's tax return will be used to buy a performer. Steve
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    Spent my tax return..well part of it anyway

    Just finished putting together my new 18.5" WSM. Going to break it in this weekend if I can find some butts at a decent price. Steve
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    Replacement top grate

    Thanks everybody. Found one at ACE. Steve
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    Replacement top grate

    Hi all, I need a new top grate for my 18.5" WSM. Anybody have a link? I've been searching Amazon, but can't find anything. Thanks, Steve
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    Out of the jar sauce

    Jack Daniels for me. -Steve
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    Genesis wont stay lit

    I had the tank filled a couple weeks ago and have used the grill a couple of times with no problems. We had a cold snap (low temps in the teens, and daytime highs below 30) Lit the grill and it seemed like there was more gas than normal coming out, it sounded like a propane torch on full blast...
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    Genesis wont stay lit

    "Turn all the burners off. Close the tank valve. Wait 2 full minutes. Open the tank valve SLOWLY. Turn one burner on and light the grill." My Genesis Silver B wouldn't fire tonight, so I tried that and nothing. Tank is full, and I could not even hear or smell any gas coming out. Bad regulator...
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    Babyback cook

    Tried this out tonight, and they were the best ribs I've ever cooked. Thank you Kevin! Picture Steve
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    Question about Baby Back Ribs - best ribs I've made recently.

    Michael, Just a comment about your smoke ring. Did you let them sit out as long as you did in the past? If not, your smoke ring may have come from putting the ribs on the smoker when the meat was at a cooler temp. Glad things came out good for you. Steve
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    Nice!! I put some spares on about three hours ago, think I'll give your technique a shot. Thanks for sharing. Steve
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    Hmmm...What to Q this weekend?

    Spares today rubbed with WRO, love that stuff. Steve
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    Butts over flat?

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Clay Cope: Jim, $3.99 is what stores up here in the Northwest are trying to charge for Brisket, flat or whole. Crazy people. The only place I can get...
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    Memorial weekend cooking

    Rib roast on Saturday. Bought one when they went on sale for Easter, took it out of the freezer a couple days ago, I can't wait!! Steve
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    Couple of butts

    Larry, I used all the rub I had on the butts before cooking. Rubbed them right out of the fridge, let them sit out while I prepped the smoker, then one final rub before they hit the smoker. I was too lazy to make more rub, but I did have some Stubbs Rub, so I added some of that after pulling...