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  1. Dave S

    Hobbies? Besides Weber of course.

    Bass fishing, and more bass fishing (retired and living in Florida) also driving my new toy. I also do most of the indoor cooking as well (it's like a hobby) Thanks Dave
  2. Dave S

    Superbowl Theme Meal - Georgia Pulled Pork Tacos and Boston Baked Beans

    Looking good John, be sure to put the beans in the smoker, you won't be disappointed
  3. Dave S

    Wings, grill or wsm?

    Dave I agree with Pat, on the kettle indirect with high heat. I also add wood, the ones in the photos were smoked with orange wood, since you are close to me it should be available. I believe they only took about 40 minutes and have a good crispy skin. then toss with your favorite sauce...
  4. Dave S

    Minor Ham problem..will this work??

    UPDATE!!! First of all thanks guys for the above comments/suggestions. I did try and get another ham but the guy that bought it said it was "special"!!!!?? It was not any store brand but it was a good looking hunk of meat(don't know where it came from). So yes I did tie it, I tied it up to the...
  5. Dave S

    Minor Ham problem..will this work??

    Back in Dec 2014 I posted a thread "just a ham" that I did with my own injection and Chris Lilly glaze. I have done 4 or 5 since then and it is always a big hit. This year I was asked if I would do one for an Easter dinner party, they would supply the ham, of course I said yes. Well this morning...
  6. Dave S

    Live oak wood

    Thanks guys, I'm sure it will be ready to use soon, and will let everyone know the results, it will be interesting storing oak next to my orange wood in the mild smoke section Dave
  7. Dave S

    Live oak wood

    Hey everyone, sorry to be missing for the last 6 months but........that's another story and another time, I'm ok. Question for my southern BBQ friends, my neighbor did some major trimming on his live oak trees, I took some big stuff home, question, only living down here a short time I never used...
  8. Dave S


    Bill that is one beautiful unit and great looking pizza. I have to come up to NJ the second week of Sept and staying in Washington, I'll stop by for a pie!!!! Nicely done!!!!! Dave
  9. Dave S

    Pork injection question/help

    Thanks guys I have decided to go with my go to recipe. I will try to revive this topic in a new thread. Wishing all a safe and happy Fourth. I will do my best to post pics. Dave
  10. Dave S

    Pork injection question/help

    I am doing a cook tomorrow for 20 and of course one item will be pulled pork. A 9lb shoulder. Everybody likes my pp from the past but I decided to inject it this year. I just whipped up a batch of Chris Lilly's pork injection. WOW is it salty!!!!. I am hesitant to use it, and would like some...
  11. Dave S

    Anyone been watching BBQ with Franklin on PBS?

    Is there a way to stream this from the PBS channel with Roku? Dave
  12. Dave S

    My neighbors are amazing!

    Great Easter story, good neighbors are NOT hard to find
  13. Dave S

    Happy Easter

    Same to you Enrico and to all our BBQ friends out there Dave
  14. Dave S

    Easter Ham inspiration?

    Steve, here is one I did for Christmas, I am going to do the same tomorrow, same injection different glaze this time
  15. Dave S

    Caught Wild Grilled Maryland Striped Bass

    Jim nicely done and nicely said
  16. Dave S

    Wings & Bratwurst

    Nice Jim, very nice. Love the new handle, going to rehab the Mastertouch and will be needing new wood handles, and I can never get enough flappers either
  17. Dave S

    Performer Deluxe on Amazon

    Thanks for all the input guys, the new performer is here. I must say I'm a happy camper Thanks for stopping by Dave
  18. Dave S

    Planked Salmon & Maine Steamers

    Bill that meal is perfect, nicely done. Planked Salmon is one of my favorites
  19. Dave S

    Central Texas Brisket Flat - Wow

    Welcome to the forum, brisket looks fantastic
  20. Dave S

    Ribs a New Way

    Nicely done Bill, Ribs are perfect as well as the rest of the meal