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  1. J

    All Natural Briquettes/Lump Charcoal (Oak/Hickory) with Cherry Wood

    Lump and cherry work well together if that is what you are asking?
  2. J

    22.5 wsm

    Dyersville. Let me know if interested now. I actually listed them on Facebook to see if anyone was interested now. One was bought this past spring and the other last spring. Same with gurus. Here is link to facebook ad. I have one offer at $500 for the newest one. I would do the same for 2nd one...
  3. J

    22.5 wsm

    I saw your thread earlier. Don’t need to sell them now. Spring might be the time to do that. Thanks for the suggestions on where to sell. Seems like everyone is selling a smoker or trailer this time of year.
  4. J

    22.5 wsm

    Thinking about selling two 22.5 wsm with cajun bandit door and hinge upgrades. I have bbq guru for both of them. One is 2 years old and the other 1 year old. Very good condition. Want to ask others opinion on a fair price for these that have done buying and trading before? Also where would be...
  5. J

    What about sides?

    This looks like a great thread. We usually have the same old boring sides. I can change that this year. Keep these ideas coming. Thanks.
  6. J

    Turkey Talk Now Open for 2018!

    I'll be spatchcocking that bird. Dry brine with an injection of some sort. Excited to not be traveling and cooking at home! Made one this way for our small bowling league last year. People wanted more. Creole butter was injected last year with the dry brine. Seasoned underneath and on top of...
  7. J

    Insurance questions

    Shouldn't have any problem changing agents. The company as a whole isn't bad compared to many companies. They probably won't be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. I work as an agent with different company. We don't have any problem putting in claims for people. Doesn't affect the agents...
  8. J

    Spray Duck Fat?

    Have wanted to try. Just haven't seen it or ordered it yet online. Trying to quit ordering everything online where $100 is free shipping. I seem to always hit that mark when I don't need to. I think some of the SCA steak guys use it.
  9. J

    Brisket on Top or Pork Butt on Top???

    Throw the pork butt in foil pan on top if worried. It will cook just fine.
  10. J

    A fix for hubcaps that fall off.

    Fantastic! Ordered them and that should do the trick. I've been through several of the plastic ones. The smallest things like this drive me crazy. Now I'm a little less crazy. Haha.
  11. J

    26 inch Kettle Wheels Mod?

    Hub caps keep coming loose. I've ordered extra hub caps and they seem to always come loose. Any suggestions to fix this so wheels stay attached? Thanks.
  12. J

    Leave as is or Auto Temp Controller

    Not needed. Having said that, I have 2 digi Q's. Bought mainly to control for competitions. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten them. One less thing to worry about for a guy that worries too much when competing. When I'm at home the food is ready when I say so. Not so much at competitions. I love...
  13. J

    Perfect Brisket

    Congrats on the win and the 180! See you are in Iowa City. If you are free June 23rd. Dyersville is having a rib competition and looking for teams. $40 for wet and $40 for dry ribs. Baby back ribs are provided to teams. 4 racks for each category. All the entry fee money goes back to...
  14. J

    Brisket: 26 Kettle vs 22 WSM

    Here is a picture of a slice of flat. Wasn’t a very thick flat. Picture doesn’t do it justice, but at least shows the smoke ring.
  15. J

    Brisket: 26 Kettle vs 22 WSM

    Hopefully these pictures come out. I trimmed very lean. No fat cap for bottom. Flavor was really good. Bend test passed. Pull test was a little tough. Didn’t get pictures of finished product due to people eating immediately. I nearly took off 4-5 fingers of other people while cutting...
  16. J

    Brisket: 26 Kettle vs 22 WSM

    Went with the wsm. Too long of a day. Wanted some sleep. I trimmed down much more than I have ever before. Injected and rubbed. Set at 225. I separated the point and flat. Not real thick. Planned on wrapping in butcher paper in morning if it needs more time. I have a feeling this will cook fast...
  17. J

    Brisket: 26 Kettle vs 22 WSM

    Exactly what half of me is thinking. I've never been the smartest at keeping things the easiest though. Haha!
  18. J

    Brisket: 26 Kettle vs 22 WSM

    I had seen your thread. Part of why I'm thinking about not using the WSM. Good looking brisket on the flat and the burnt ends!!!!!
  19. J

    Brisket: 26 Kettle vs 22 WSM

    Got a prime brisket from Costco I'm going to cook for Saturday. I've made several briskets on the 22 WSM and turned out good. I bought a new 26 kettle that hasn't been used. Do I play with the new toy or do what I know? The temp will be down to 10 tonight. I do have a BBQ Guru for the WSM 22. I...