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  1. DBWallis

    Hinge install - gasket adhesive on nuts/bolts?

    The handy thing about smokers is that they eventually coat everything with a thick gooey layer of grease :)
  2. DBWallis

    What is everyone cooking this weekend?

    That's a beaut!
  3. DBWallis

    Recipe Method Poll

    We've gone totally paperless in our kitchen. Our preferred recipe research tool is Pinterest, my wife and I share around 2 dozen food/recipe Pinterest boards where we pin new recipes or ideas. Then we use an online site called "Plan to Eat" for organizing our recipes, menu and shopping list...
  4. DBWallis

    Pre-Sliced Bacon

    I would not think pre-sliced pork belly would be a good choice for making bacon. Being already sliced, it's going to (over)cook too quickly.
  5. DBWallis

    What is everyone cooking this weekend?

    We had some leftover pulled smoked chuck roast in the freezer last week, and needed a quick dinner one evening when we both got home late one night, so I thawed it out and whipped up a quick batch of smoked beef posole soup. I think I took leftover posole to work for lunch at least 8 times, and...
  6. DBWallis

    Steven Raichen/Project Smoke on Create Channel

    I agree with Dave from Denver. Steven presents lots of great ideas, but he's not exactly dynamic on camera. Still, I've watched all 12 episodes that have aired so far (dunno how many they're making), and I'm going to replicate some of his recipes/ideas.
  7. DBWallis

    Fundraiser for Steve Dixon: Weber Owner & Middletown Fire Victim

    I haven't logged on here in a few days, so I just saw this thread... I'm in! And I agree with those that the fees should be paid out of the total donations. Chris, I'm sure I'm speaking for others when I express my sincere thanks to you for putting this together, and for living up to your...
  8. DBWallis

    Share your favorite grilling/kitchen tools

    I used to teach knife sharpening classes when my kids were in Cub Scouts. My wife is a little dubious about the $300 Japanese water stones I would like to buy to keep our kitchen knives sharp :D
  9. DBWallis

    Best Probe Wire Solution? Cut Notch or Drill Port in 22" WSM?

    Since I'm using a dual-probe thermometer, I cut the slot in the vicinity of the rubber probe port, since both wires have to plug into the remote sender unit.
  10. DBWallis

    Best Probe Wire Solution? Cut Notch or Drill Port in 22" WSM?

    Mine sealed up nicely with smokey grease after the first cook ;)
  11. DBWallis

    Decreased cooking time with higher temps

    I wouldn't trust this. First, it assumes that temp vs. cook time is linear, and it's most likely not (I'm not a thermodymicist, but I may pass this question on to one I know :) ). Second, it assumes that double the Fahrenheit temp is twice as hot, which is also not the case.
  12. DBWallis

    Best Probe Wire Solution? Cut Notch or Drill Port in 22" WSM?

    Interesting, but I'm not sure how well that would work from inside an all-steel smoker or grill, or how long it would last with electronics inside the cooker.
  13. DBWallis

    Best Probe Wire Solution? Cut Notch or Drill Port in 22" WSM?

    I'd say that's much wider than needed. I slotted mine with a 1/8" thick hard grinding disk. It took about 30 seconds to cut the slot, and another couple minutes to file off the burrs and smooth the edges. I get virtually no leakage from the 1/8" x 1/8" opening that remains once the lid is on.
  14. DBWallis

    Need pointers to smoke

    I tried for 2 years to smoke on a Spirit gas grill, with mixed results. I had a couple awesome cooks, but probably 75% were disappointing. The problems I ran into were: - poor temp control - either too much heat for the wood (it burned up too fast) or too little (no smoke) - inability to...
  15. DBWallis

    Can't even cook for flare ups!

    I had a "flare up" on my grill a couple weeks ago that required a fire extinguisher to deal with :D
  16. DBWallis

    After Way Too Many Digital Thermometers............

    Same here. I must have 100 hours on my Maverick since I bought it this spring, still on the batteries that shipped with it. The only issue I've run into is that the temps don't sync on the receiver at power up until I hit the sync button on the sender.
  17. DBWallis

    Can the WSM 22.5" keep constant temps at 160-170?

    I can keep my 22" below 200 if I keep all the bottom vents closed, and the top vent mostly closed. I don't have gaskets on mine, so there is enough leakage around the door that the charcoal stays lit, but burns very slowly. I'll start out with the top vent full open and one bottom vent half open...
  18. DBWallis

    My Version of a Breakfast Sandwich

    Beer, butter, bread, bacon, eggs, pepper jack cheese... what's not to like?
  19. DBWallis

    Pork butt question: meaning to ask for a while...

    I think injecting the butt with a liquid like apple juice or chicken stock mixed with some rub, or at least some salt, helps a lot with the flavor of the internal meat. Neither the rub's seasonings nor the smoke penetrate very far into the meat, leaving the majority of the butt totally...
  20. DBWallis

    Rubber insert for temperature probe

    It's all about lubricating the correct component ;)