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  1. TracyD

    '69 Cado 22

    So I picked this 1969(?) Avocado two tone 22.5" BAR-B-Q Kettle up last week on CL for $35.00. It was originally owned by a man who lived in Arlington Heights, IL. His son brought it to Colorado. They called it their Turkey Cooker. Based on the frozen vents, I believe it smoked many turkeys...
  2. TracyD

    Weber Family Portraits

    On the front covered patio we have the Performers: Out back is the rest of the gang: The only guy doing any work around here: Almost everyone in the picture including the 69 Cado and the Red MT: The youngsters: The little square wga:
  3. TracyD

    cajun bandit or or something else

    Most people mention the Smoke EZ in this discussion. If you don't need the legs from the Cajun Bandit.
  4. TracyD

    Grill Light

    I just installed some lights today. One on the performer. Here they are at dusk.
  5. TracyD

    Smokey Joe: How old ???

    So the answer is 1972 or 1973. Thanks to Marty G, here's a picture from the 1973 Weber Catalog. Here's a shot of the cool handle and the speckled vent.
  6. TracyD

    Smokey Joe: How old ???

    I picked it up today. Here's a shot after some cleanup. The Enamel is cracked and missing around each leg attachment. However, the holes all look pretty good. I plan to upgrade the hardware to stainless to prevent any further rust.
  7. TracyD

    Smokey Joe: How old ???

    Any when this Smokey Joe with the offset wood handle was last made ??
  8. TracyD

    No longer looking for a new charcoal grill as I bought a................

    Congrats on the new grill. That charBroil sure looks very similar to my Atlanta Stoveworks Q Cart. Especially the side shelves and the lid. Is it an aluminum sheet wrapped around cast iron end caps ?
  9. TracyD

    Weber Family Portraits

    Here's an updated family photo with my new mid 70's redhead and WSM Mini.
  10. TracyD

    Redhead update!

    Thanks. If I brought one of my cookers in the house, the boss would have a heart attack.
  11. TracyD

    Performer Lid

    My SS Performer is the perfect charcoal grill compared to a OTS or any other Charcoal grill. Simply move your head to the right a bit while you grab your beer from the table and you can see the food next to the lid. "It's always something", Roseanne Rosanadana.
  12. TracyD

    Probe Wire Mod Done....So Next Question???

    I have the same mod on my performer. Definitely don't leave probes outside. All the folks who have had problems with the mavericks seem to mention getting the probes wet.
  13. TracyD

    Redhead update!

    You have made her sister jealous and feel a bit neglected.
  14. TracyD

    Which charcoal grill is best?

    My Ducane gasser is very lonesome since I got my 12 year old SS performer from CL. I keep waiting for the propane tank to need a refill. If I added a Cajun Bandit or Smoke EZ, i would have the best single weapon available.
  15. TracyD

    older performer upgrades

    I have a 2000 SS Performer. Hmmmm. I guess I have never put that much charcoal in my charcoal bin. I added a grommet to use a thermo probe without crimping the wire with the lid.
  16. TracyD

    Finally finished my gasser restore

    I can pick up one for 40 on CL without the side burner. Always wanted a redhead. Thinking about it.
  17. TracyD

    Getting impatient for the fall sales.

    Target's had their Weber stuff on sale for a few weeks. OTS 22.5 was 49.99. OTS 18 was 38.00. I pick up the floor model smokey joe for 4.99. I also got the hinged 22.5 grate for 5.99 and a weber apron for 6.00.
  18. TracyD

    Older 26.75 question

    Can you just use the can from a 22 inch Kettle ?
  19. TracyD

    Older 26.75 question

    Looking at a Weber 26.75 with wood handles. Do they make an ash can to upgrade to a gold ?
  20. TracyD

    Rib Rack Recommendations Needed

    The weber looks great. However, I can't see paying 30.00 for it. Now when target unloads them in the fall, it may be worth a look.