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  1. Chris-P

    The Humor Thread

  2. Chris-P

    Does Target still do Kettle sales end of season? Or other retailers?

    I lucked out a few years ago with a Spirit E210 for $200 from Target on clearance. I think I checked a website called which is how I found it.
  3. Chris-P

    My Favorite Commercial BBQ Sauce(s)

    K&M Bar-B-Q sauce and second is Sweet Baby Rays. I’ve never been to Spring Hill KS where K&M has a restaurant, but I now will have to go and pick up a year supply of this sauce (and try their food)
  4. Chris-P

    Marty Leach Wooden Handles

    This isn't the same person, is it? I received some handles from him a couple of years ago and they are very nice. I wish I could recall the name on the return address.
  5. Chris-P

    1981 18.5 and parts

    No plans, don't want to drill into it.
  6. Chris-P

    1981 18.5 and parts

    Thanks! Family said it was the best one ever. I think they were just hungry. I spilled the entire pan of water on the lit charcoal when I was prepping it. It didn’t put the coals entirely out out so I left it alone. Ended up being no issue at all.
  7. Chris-P

    1981 18.5 and parts

    It’s been a while since I used my 18. Replaced the door with that (kept the original) Cajun Bandit door. The original knob fell off this summer around 2am while smoking a pork butt which was not a fun moment trying to get that old door off with pliers. After that fiasco, I decided to get the...
  8. Chris-P

    Review: BBQ Brisket Fries at Wienerschnitzel

    I waited for you to utter the description “tastes like crap”, but you were way too kind. That didn’t look anything like the poster at the beginning of the video.
  9. Chris-P

    First year 18" WSM? Kansas City area

    Confirmed. It has a “c” on the vents!
  10. Chris-P

    First year 18" WSM? Kansas City area

    I asked. I’ll see what he says.
  11. Chris-P

    First year 18" WSM? Kansas City area

    Not mine, but saw it on Craigslist- Looks like it has rust on the door and legs. First year?
  12. Chris-P

    KC isn't in top 30 bbq cities

    I think for at least three of those cities, the bbq that they smelled was that of burning buildings.
  13. Chris-P

    Firing up the WSM with a propane torch & first smoke game-plan tips/suggestions.

    I was curious and went searching for the thread:
  14. Chris-P

    WSM Identification Needed

    NICE find, awesome price!
  15. Chris-P

    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    Good to know. I don't recall what a pine nut tastes like anyway!
  16. Chris-P

    Doug's Smoked Mushroom Dip

    Fantastic dip, made it last week with a pork butt (first time injecting!). I couldn't find a dang pine nut anywhere though. I have my wife on the lookout for some for future dips.
  17. Chris-P


    Side of the Insta-Pot or your head? :ROFLMAO:
  18. Chris-P

    Better charcoal chamber?

    Will the water pan still fit?
  19. Chris-P

    1981 18.5 and parts

    Thank you! If it wasn't for this forum with all the great threads and help, I wouldn't have or have an interest in my WSMs. Now I find myself looking at Craigslist and Facebook ads for deals. No great deals have popped up yet, but much like my radio control car hobby (I love old Tamiyas), I'm...