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    Costco - Japanese BBQ Sauce

    I tried both the regular and spicy versions. I did not like at all. Threw them both away. I thought they had a distinct off flavor, almost chemically aftertaste.
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    Michigan > Troy: Sharks BBQ

    Unfortunately, they have closed…..was best BBQ in the Detroit area, real giant custom made wood smokers, used oak and cherry. Sharks will be missed.
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    22” WSM with several mods Detroit Michigan area $325

    The big one. Excellent condition, top hinge mod, stainless steel door mod, casters on legs mod. New cover. $325, less than half price including all the improvements. North suburbs of Detroit, Mi.
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    16 Mesh Black Pepper Source?

    I've seen a number of sellers of 16 mesh black pepper, any suggestions for fresh? Alternatively, how do I make my own? Thanks Don
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    Sous Vide + WSM Smoker BBQ Method

    Tried something completely different, got a prime brisket from Costco, $3.49/lb, injected and rubbed, smoked at 225-250 for 4 hours till ~150 IT, then vacusealed (double) and into the sous vide at 155 for 26 hours, then ice bath to cool somewhat and then finished on smoker for 2 hours to reset...
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    Double fire BBQ?

    A local (great) BBQ place was just reviewed in our local weekly The Metro Times (Shark’s BBQ, 4845 Rochester Rd., Troy, MI) - his pulled pork and brisket are BY FAR the best in town - he said that one secret is that he smokes for 6 hours, pulls them off, puts in fridge overnight and then back in...
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    Temperature Control Unit, Q-Master Lite

    Used about 3-4 times, I upgraded to a WiFi system. Works well, PID controller, WSM fan adapter and A/C power adapter so you don't have to use batteries. Paid $110, make me an offer!
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    Michigan > Troy: Sharks BBQ

    Sharks BBQ 4845 Rochester Rd Troy, MI 48085 On Rochester Rd south of Long Lake. Drove by and saw 2 very large smokers in front going strong. Owner has been a chef at a number of well known restaurants. Brisket is one of the most tender and juicy I’ve ever had. Ribs...
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    Michigan > Shelby Township: Bad Brad's BBQ

    Some of the best BBQ in the Detroit area I think. Their version of burnt ends is called chopped brisket, excellent smokey flavor. For beans, try Zekes Rock and Roll BBQ in Ferndale.
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    Bacon curing temperature question

    Thanks to all, Anne, this link is a great resource and history lesson! I thought it was fine, I’ll know for sure in a few days and will post results.
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    Bacon curing temperature question

    Found out that fridge door was open a smidge I assume for the 3 days I had put the bacon into cure (I forgot to turn on day 2). Using one sweet and one savory recipe in Carcuterie. Laser temp showed surface about 42 degrees. Question is whether to toss or continue. I see recipes for curing meats...
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    Q-Master Lite Temperature Controller

    Used a few times, works well. I upgraded to WiFi model. $60 + shipping (US only) OBO.
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    Vortex for kettles

    I decided to get one. I've used it for beer can chicken and it worked absolutely great....was really one of the best chickens I've ever made. Now trying as a smoker using the snake method. Holding firm at 250 smoking a small butt. So far I'm impressed.
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    Prime Brisket

    FYI I went by Gordon Food Service and they had USDA Choice whole packers as a new item and I think they were $3.09...great price since recently they have been VERY expensive.
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    Prime Brisket

    A packer brisket is both the point and flat. I think that the term "brisket" can refer to the packer as well as the individual parts. I don't think I've ever seen the point sold separately, just the whole packer or the flat.
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    Prime Brisket

    Went to Costco and scored a USDA Prime packer...I'd seen other prime meats there but never brisket $3.79/lb I thought it was a steal. Rubbed with S&P plus a bit of chilies, garlic/onion powder, cumin. Did an overnight smoke, mostly 250-275, wrapped in butcher paper at 170...
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    Performer Repair Help

    I have one of the old style Performers with the stainless steel table that I got about 7 years ago off of CC ($70 score!). The ash sweepers are shot and needed replacing. I ordered the part from Weber only to find that the bottoms are not for the old Performer as they do not protrude far...
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    Frango Piri-piri

    Just tried this 50/50 mixture with lemon juice over wild Alaskan salmon, about 1.5 hours marinade.....absolutely fantastic...
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    Frango Piri-piri

    Kevin, PM sent.
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    Frango Piri-piri

    This. Is. Awesome. Was walking by a spice guy at the local Farmer's Market and saw that he had dried African Birdseye peppers and I thought "Hmmmm.....I think I remember reading someplace that these are the same as piri-piri peppers" and I remembered reading this forward, just...