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  1. Rolf Jacobsen

    My Barber, My Friend

    Thank you Chris............
  2. Rolf Jacobsen

    Cajun Bandit Rotisserie(CBR)

    I did a review on mine some years ago....
  3. Rolf Jacobsen

    Winners: 2019 TVWB Christmas Prize Drawing

    Congratulations to the winners and a big "Thank You" to Chris!
  4. Rolf Jacobsen

    Reverse Sear 2 inch Ribeye - Hold Time?

    So how did the asado turn out?
  5. Rolf Jacobsen

    Merry Christmas - We're Moving To Xenforo!

    Chris this sounds excellent! Thanks for everything!
  6. Rolf Jacobsen

    One Lucky Grandson and One Great Dad

    That sir sounds absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Rolf Jacobsen

    39th Anniversary

    Congratulations to both of you. You folks deserve it!!!!!!!!
  8. Rolf Jacobsen

    Something completely different.

    Now this brings a smile to my face. Thanks!
  9. Rolf Jacobsen

    Best source for quality wood chunks?

    I've used these folks for years and been very happy with them. The peach is awesome!!!!!!!
  10. Rolf Jacobsen

    Costco pit smoked brisket kit

    We picked up the slider kit yesterday at our local Costco, (1 hour north of Philadelphia) and tried it last night. Chris was pretty much dead on with his review. We trimmed some fat of many of the pieces when they were cold and cut some into smaller sizes. The slider rolls are small and we had...
  11. Rolf Jacobsen

    Happy Birthday *****

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM LAMPE!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you brisket and beers!
  12. Rolf Jacobsen

    Prayer Request For My Wife Sara.

    You got it! Blessings to you too.............
  13. Rolf Jacobsen

    Now THIS is what I call a steak!

    You sir did right by that steak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Rolf Jacobsen

    You knew this was coming

    Good for you!
  15. Rolf Jacobsen

    BBQ/Grilling Cookbooks

    We have a LOT of recipe books for grilling and smoking. The one we have almost worn out is the one I first purchased long ago when I became serious about this whole thing. Weber’s Big Book of Grilling, hands down is the most useful book I own. For a beginner I can’t think of a better book. I...
  16. Rolf Jacobsen

    Dangerous Roads

    The Beartooth highway is still one of our favorites........
  17. Rolf Jacobsen

    I’m Back and My First Big Cook is a Turkey Breast

    Welcome back Barb...... you were missed!!!!!!!!
  18. Rolf Jacobsen

    TVWB turns 21 years me a beer!

    Done and thank you Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Rolf Jacobsen

    White Castle bbq brisket slider

    Bob this has you written all over it! Please don't forget to take photos. :)
  20. Rolf Jacobsen

    I'm following my doctor's orders.......

    Only you.................. :)