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  1. Karl Quist

    Trailer rental blues

    Trailer stuff drives me out of my mind. Good for you though for finding one that is useable, and that you can mod up to fit your needs. It's hard to predict the future, but I'm thinking dollar wise you will probably get out of it what you put in to it, or pretty close anyway.
  2. Karl Quist

    Coffee Beans what's in your grinder ???

    FWIW I am NOT a sophisticated coffee drinker. I blame this on my young introduction to gas station coffee, and then my time in the Army. Anyway, I am about half-way through a bag of the Kirkland House Blend. My take is much the same as others here; nice and evenly roasted, some oily residue...
  3. Karl Quist


    Sir, I think I would just sit down in front of that spread and just stay. I'm all set, thank you.
  4. Karl Quist

    Favorite hot sauce.

    I don't have a picture of it, but my favorite is probably Marie Sharp's Habanero, original version. Hot? Yes, but really brings out the complexity of food in a wonderful way.
  5. Karl Quist

    One big brisket

    That's a biggun. Imagine all the delicious leftovers you could have with that, or just feed the neighborhood.
  6. Karl Quist

    Good Price Lodge Griddle

    I use the "h e double-toothpicks" out of mine. Mostly the flat-top side, but periodically the grill side too. It fits perfectly over two of the gas burners on my stove.
  7. Karl Quist

    When the AirBNB gives you lemons…grill tri-tip 🥩

    Ya buddy, nice way to pull that off. That grill looks like it needs to be on the injured roster.
  8. Karl Quist

    Eclipse festivities?

    I'm in the Nope zone, not even close to the totality pathway. Going to be business as usual in these parts.
  9. Karl Quist

    Handy gadget

    I just ordered one too. For whatever ding dang reason, something like this had never even occurred to me. I just keep refilling that little bottle and overfilling it.
  10. Karl Quist

    Best Frozen Burgers

    I'm here at work, and I'm hungry right now. Your grilled burgers and dogs would hit the spot. Now I'm really hungry.
  11. Karl Quist


    I feel like I am among friends here, so may I make a confession? I have enjoyed every single beer I have ever had. Cheap, expensive, all of them. Yes, this gets me into trouble sometimes.
  12. Karl Quist

    Old School bbq roasted chicken 🐓 halves

    Those look absolutely terrific. They had some cryovac packaged chicken halves on sale at my local Costco, and I passed on them because my freezer is full. I kind of wish I had bought just one pack and cooked them up.
  13. Karl Quist

    How hot to finish a brisket

    I've done that finish in the oven at 300F before. I think 290F is probably perfect an oven finish.
  14. Karl Quist

    Clothes washing machines - any reccos of new machines and manufacturer experiences?

    I'm late to the party on this. We have a Whirlpool WTW7500GW bought through Home Depot in 2018. Top load with impeller (no agitator). 4.8 CF capacity. It's been working great. We did have a small issue with the control panel within the 1st month. WP had a local repair tech there within a day...
  15. Karl Quist

    Peach / Yellow Lantern Chili Sauce Wings

    Come on now! Wow that looks good.
  16. Karl Quist

    Cold smoked lox in the works

    I love seeing your posts when you do this. The thin slices are what makes it. I haven't made any yet this year, but I really need to get on it.
  17. Karl Quist

    Fast Moving Coastal Storm

    That takes some hutzpah. Great picture though.
  18. Karl Quist

    Anyone ever smoked oxtails?

    I'm following this thread. I have only ever cooked them in a pressure cooker as part of a soup. Never really thought about smoking them, but now I'm interested.
  19. Karl Quist

    Wine Glass Cleaning Solution

    I've tried a few (several) canned wines when out on the road for motorcycle trips. Having said that, they are not horrible, but I wouldn't call them good either. They are better after having something else first. :cool:
  20. Karl Quist

    Long time weber performer lover

    Really nice David! I love my Performer too. It just works, and works well. Would you happen to have an Amazon link for the magnetic shelf? I'm interested in that for mine.