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    Mother's Day Brisket

    Those pups aren't concerned, they're hungry! Nice lookin' brisket.
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    Temperature Control

    Gotta agree with Bob's post. Cooking at 225 will not make your food taste better or more tender. My 22" WSM likes to settle in at 260-280 with empty pan which is fine for ribs, birds and butts or at least that's been my experience.
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    Steak Night

    Steak looks delicious. Not overly salty?
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    Latest 3 pounder...Wife and I agree it's the best steak we've ever had.

    Believe that's one good looking, HUGE ribeye. Cooked to perfection!
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    Where to find best quality meats

    Believe it or not but I actually found Wagu ribeyes at a Sam's Club in Springfield, Mo last summer. My sis and bil were coming for a visit so wife and I purchased 4 steaks (almost $80.00). They were about 1 1/2 inches thick and beautifully marbled with small pieces of fat over the entire...
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    Bail me out please. Burned on crap.

    Just purchased a new Q 3200. After assembling opened the grate package and, much to my surprise, they had a black, shiny, porcelain coating. From the pics I've seen on other posts my grates did not look like others. Cooked steaks, got a wonderful sear and finished in the middle of the grates...
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    Q 3200 ?

    Thanks Jeff, makes sense to me.
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    Q 3200 ?

    Have a question regarding the burner configuration on this grill. With the perimeter rectangular burner and the straight burner in the center seems it would be difficult to find a place on the grates to let steaks finish indirect after they'd been seared. I've only seen pictures of the burners...
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    How Do YOU....

    Italian dressing is the best multi-purpose marinade I've found. The vinegar helps break down the meat fibers for tenderness very well without overpowering the beef taste. For sirloin steaks would marinade for 2-3 hours in refrig then rinse and pat dry. Then it's kosher salt and ground pepper...
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    First Time Meatloaf

    Beautiful loaf Chris. I like the way it sliced without crumbling. Nothing better than cold meat loaf sandwiches.
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    Maverick suspect on temps

    Rich, Do your oven test again but this time put the Maverick probe as close to the oven thermostat element as you can. There can be a variation between where the element is and grates below it. I bought my step son a Maverick for Christmas and we tried it out on a turkey. Cooked the turkey...
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    Breakfast----> 1st cook of 2014

    That looks like "rough grub" Bob. Ozark definition - Dad Blame Good!
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    Potluck pulled pork

    Hey Tony, Beautiful pulled pork. If you have a small table close to your WSM try setting your Maverick in a beverage cooler cup with the wire stand outside the cup. The probe connectors will be in a vertical position when plugged in. Makes for a more stable setting position. Merry...
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    Mr. Buchanan is my friend tonight....

    Tony & Maribel Great looking burgers and fries. Did you guys have any problems with the burgers sticking to the press?
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    Wildlife Problems?

    I live in south central Mo and have done several overnight cooks with no problems from critters. As Bill said the heat from the WSM will keep coons, possums, coyotes and ferel dogs/cats away. I would remove any meat grease from the cooker when things cool off. Also putting the cover on will...
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    Looking at getting my first smoker ....

    Martin, Welcome to this site. It's a wealth of knowledge and information This is a handy thermometer w/remote to use on long cooks Also, I wouldn't be without one of these. Very accurate...
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    Smoking Venison Question

    Agree with both Bill's and Dan's comments. Even if processed correctly venison has a different taste because deer don't eat what cattle do. Plus they're just a plain, different, wild species. Venison has a very good taste, at least to me. If you want, you can use Italian Dressing as a...
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    Pulled Pork That Didn't -- A Happy Mistake

    +1 for everything Chad said. I'll add one additional note. Butts are not all created equal when it comes to being done (tender). I've had some tender at 190 and some go as high as 205+. Your probe is your best friend when cooking bbq.
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    BACON made easy

    Yeah, me too Brian. I finally did get the recipe printed out. :)
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    wife's 30th birthday feast!

    Beautiful cook Jason. Your wife is one blessed woman. As far as keeping the food warm set a teapot full of hot water in a cooler (on a towel) large enough to hold everything and wait 10 minutes or so. While waiting wrap the meat in foil. Remove the teapot and put towels in the bottom of the...