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    Beef Ribs

    Did these big beef flanken ribs this weekend.
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    BBQ sauce: Does applying it warm during cooking make a difference?

    When I make my sauce I cook it. Not only do I feel the flavors meld together better, but it allows me to cook it down to get the correct consistency. Though, I do not feel the need to coat the meat with the sauce while it is warm.
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    Spatchcock or beer can chicken

    Just curious as to who prefers spatchcocked (butterflied) chicken or beer can chicken. I prefer the spatchcocked chicken over beer can chicken as I feel it cooks with better flavor.
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    Offset Smoker Recommendations

    I started on a charbroil offset. I had to do all the modifications. It was ok, but that was quite a few years ago. They have made them with a thinner metal since then. If you really want a good stick burner, you are going to pay quite a bit more than $500.
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    Favorite things to cook sub 5 hrs

    buffalo wings
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    Pork loin

    If you are not going to make sandwiches, you could do a "Z" cut on it and stuff it. I've used basil pesto and feta. Also apple butter with sliced apples. A Z cut is about 1/3 way down cut to about 1/2 inch, then 2/3 way down cut from the other direction to about 1/2 inch. Then lay it out...
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    Gyro meat?

    Alton Brown did a good eats show making gyros. He used ground lamb and made a meatloaf type thing he places on a grill rotisserie.
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    Post-Cook Rub

    After pulling the butt, I do add additional rub.
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    Beef Liver

    I've actually grilled beef liver. Turns out really good. Just ensure you oil the grates thoroughly. Wrap up some onions in a foil pouch with butter for liver and onions
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    Best BBQ Rubs: Homemade or Commercial?

    I make and buy. I like Billy Bones rubs. His XXX Cherry is good to add to other rubs. I really like his original and his beef maser.
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    Beef loin flap meat steaks ???

    I don't think there is any cheap cut of beef anymore. The internet has taught people how to cook all the cuts. I used to be able to get briskets in the mid 80s on sale for .39 a pound.
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    Pork Butt

    You may wish to check your thermometer.
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    Any other must smokes?

    Besides Ribs, brisket, pork butt, try a meatloaf
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    Bologna tips

    I usually use the garlic bologna. I score it with a diamond pattern about 1/4" depth. I use hickory wood. cover with a light coat of mustard and then apply the rub. I use Alton Brown's 8+3+1+1 rub ( 8 parts brown sugar, 3 parts Kosher salt 1 part chili powder, plus 1 part of mixed seasoning...
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    beer can chicken

    Interesting read:
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    Weber 26'' Kettle and scaffolding grill cart

    I see they have one scaffold that might fit the 22"
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    Need a WOW recipe

    Do something they would not expect to be smoked like meatloaf. The first time I brought it in for a potluck, it totally wowed people.
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    Charred ribs

    If I am going to sauce ribs, I do it as the last 30 minutes to an hour of a cook, just long enough to start to caramelize.
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    Why Yelp reviews are suspect

    Remember it is personal opinions and tastes. Some people like sickly sweet BBQ while others hate it. Some like the falling off the bone while others like it with a little tug. Look for the reviews that give details.
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    Best ribs?

    Mark, you may wish to try flanken beef ribs. Ask at the grocery store for the ribs they cut down for short ribs. You can buy them whole, sometimes at a discount since they do not have to cut them down. They come in usually three bones about 12-13 inches long. Very good in the smoker.