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    Way high temp

    Last week I spent about an hour futzing with that door. I thought I had it perfect, only to find today after a while that the knob started spinning without latching. I now have it propped shut with some 2x2's. The problem was I closed the garage door on it and bent it. Thus, a weak link was...
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    Way high temp

    I just mopped and took the temps. Both are around 150, so I think I am still in the game. My wife said the same thing, that it may turn out to be the best cook ever.
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    Way high temp

    I am doing a butt and a flat. I went out for about an hour. When I left the temps were steady at 25o at the dome. While I was out, the door fell off! When I returned, the temps were like 375 and the water was slightly boiling and the meat was even sizzeling. I quickly added cold water and...
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    Use for old charcoal

    I am getting a pile next to my garage of all the small pieces of lump that I dump when I clean the WSM. Can I compost this? Can I reuse it even if it has been wet? Thanks
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    Rising Temps

    Thanks for the replies. I can't wait for the weekend. I have a Butt I'm dyin to cook.
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    Rising Temps

    I have been having a consistent problem. After 3 or 4 hours, without changing any vent settings, I get temp spikes that are very difficult to control. I use lump and the minion method. I start with a samll amount of lit charcoal over a full ring. I usually smoke small quantities (one butt...
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    Favorite Commercial Rub

    Barbecue of The Americas from Penzeys. I love it on wings. Rub them and put them in the freezer. O boy.
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    Pork Shoulder

    I was going to try a recipe I found for Cuban Pork Shoulder. I had a 1/2 picnic in the freezer. Could that be considered the same thing. I read that its the Butt thats considered a pork shoulder roast. Is there a big difference? Thanks everybody.
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    HELP!! Temp too low!!

    I've been having low temp problems, too. I lit two chimneys of lump. Temp went to 350. Put on a 13 lbs turkey which had been sitting out for about an hour. Temp drobbed below 250. Half-hour later, still no change. I thought it might be the proximity of the probe to the bird, cause it...
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    Ok...Butterball turkey' way to Q??

    I did a turkey last weekend where I rubbed a flavored butter (garlic, parsley, salt and pepper) under the skin. Smoked with Cherry wood at 330/340. Skin was crispy, but no one ate the skin! Got great reviews from the family. I'll probably just repeat it for T'day, though I wonder if brining it...
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    Higher Temps on WSM

    Thanks for all the input. I only have a small Meco grill, so the WSM will have to do. I can put it in the garage near the open door when I need to. The wind picked up in the middle of the cook. Thats why they say don't cook your first bird on Thanksgiving!
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    Higher Temps on WSM

    The pan was empty. On the second rack was a pan with carrots and onions to collect the drippins'. At first, there was two cups of chicken stock as well, but I realized that that was acting as a heat sink, so I took it out after an hour. Still, the temp refused to climb. I am in NJ, about 1...
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    Higher Temps on WSM

    I did a test run yesterday on a Turkey for Thanksgiving. I used a recipe from the Weber site with flavored butter under the skin. I had alot of problems getting temps above 325. I had to put 4 full chimney of lit lump and leave the door open to get it to 325. From what I've been reading...
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    I think everyone is giving great advice. My only comment is that you should at some point stick the thermometer in boiling water to see if it is accurate or not. I have a Taylor instant read thermometer that needs to be recalibrated every cook! I am saving my pennies for a Thermapen.
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    What do you think is the best BBQ/Smoking book?

    How to Grill. Raichlen really knows how to cook. Where appropriate, he gives smoking instructions that are accurate. So far, everything has been a winner here at home. As time goes on, I find Smoke and Spice less interesting. I think its kind of uneven, with a few killers and some that just...
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    Braised Brisket Flat

    I can vouch for the authenticity of that one. Though my mom never added the chili sauce or the Coke, she did use the soup mix, and a can of something else I can't remember. A friend adds a can of cranberry sauce. (My mom always said that a recipe was too complicated if it involved opening more...
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    Best way to refuel?

    Well, I had the same issue this morning. The fire ran out of fuel after about 12 windy cool hours. I did add some lump, which kept me going for a while, then I just resolved to start fresh, i.e. refill the bowl with lump and put lit coals on top. I did the hot squat, and sure enough, splashed...
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    Minion method on shorter cooks

    Thanks...I am doing a recipe from Raichlens How to Grill with Garlic Roasted Butter under the skin. First time trying it out.
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    Minion method on shorter cooks

    Its a small 3 pounder and I use lump. 1.5 should do it, right?
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    Minion method on shorter cooks

    I was wondering if it was too much fuel. For example, tonight I want to do a chicken at 350 or so in the smoker. I figure a chimney and a half with no water in the pan should do it. Does that sound right?