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    Happy WSM Smoke Day!

    The family requested ribs so it St Louis style on Saturday and a plate of beef ribs on Sunday
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    Getting the little grill some cook time.

    Looks like the old grill can still turn out some delicious food, with the help of a skilled griller.
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    Your most valuable piece of gear for Winter Grilling is?

    A light that mounts on my Performer and a jacket that rests on the back of a chair just inside the door to my patio where the grilling takes place, year round.
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    making roast butternut squash soup: is it better to roast over coal vs in the electric oven?

    I grill/smoke squash and we love the added flavor profile that it has over oven roasted. I do agree with Timothy that it is important to limit the amount of smoke and use some sort of fruit wood. Hickory and such would definitely over power the squash. Ultimately I like add that anyone can say...
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    Hamburgers - Room for improvement

    One way to make your burgers taste better is to stop by most any fast food place and have one of theirs. You will then better appreciate what you grill at home. LoL
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    Chicken Drumsticks

    I always say that the proof is on the serving platter and it looks like you did a good job. I like to use a vortex to contain the fuel in the center of my Performer grill. I circle the legs/wings around the outside of the vortex for about 45 minutes. If I decide I want a little crisper skin I...
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    Baby Back Ribs

    Good job now get ready for round II. I like your method of monitoring and keeping track of how things went so you can build on your set of experiences and skills.
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    Spinning the Bird

    If it was half as tastie as it looks you had a great meal.
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    No Turkey, No Cry…pork baby! Cubano style!

    Very nice spread of food showing a lot of love. Great holiday spread.
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    WSM Smoking 14 ibs Turkey Questions

    If you are planning to smoke them at over 300 degrees water in the pan makes it hard to maintain the temperature. I typically smoke one 14 lb turkey at 250-275 with water in the pan. I add a few herbs to the water to add some flavor to the moisture. I use 3-4 chunks of a fruit wood that are...
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    Chicken ragu and penne 🍝

    Definitely a cold weather winner.
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    After a long fire season, it's nice to be back to charcoal...

    Grill on Brother, Grill on!!!!
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    It’s nights like this I am glad to have a Gasser!

    You a a grilled to admire. You have, and know how to use, the tools to turn out great grilled food no matter what the weather.
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    Friday Night Pork Chops & Pan Roasted Veggies

    Looks like a great way to end the week and start the weekend
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    Pork Char Siu kabobs

    I was just wondering what to have for supper tonight and your post has given me an inspired vision.
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    Q1200 In Coming

    Enjoy while reassuring her that the purpose of the Q is to enhance her total "game experience"
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    Hatch Chiles 2022

    Got some here in central Iowa. Roasted some and stuffed two with a sausage and cream cheese mix. My wife would agree that they were a medium+ on the heat scale.
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    Price of Beef

    We have become friends with a butcher at our local chain grocery store. One day I was talking with him about taking our hand picked steaks home and letting them age in our refrigerator several days before grilling them. He smiled and said that since we understand the importance of a little dis...