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  1. JimZ

    Qs re: the snake method

    I use the snake as well 2 over two on my 26" weber kettle. Vent right it burns forever at 225. Love the method so much sold my 18" WSM didnt see the need for both.
  2. JimZ

    Grilled half side of salmon

    Looks delicious! Where did you get that basket? IS it a pain to clean up?
  3. JimZ

    Blast From the Past

    That is cool. I thought those make really strong coffee right?
  4. JimZ

    How Old is that Store Display?

    Personally I would go for it. Not sure about the warranty but sounds like they are built well enough to take the risk in place of a warranty.
  5. JimZ

    Anyone using a rolling sharpener?

    How would that sharpen a small knife like a boning or paring knife? I wonder how much pressure you can apply or how long it would take on your initial sharpening. After that, i would think it would be quick. I already have stones anyway but looks interesting.
  6. JimZ

    indoor tv antenna

    We are a roku hose as well. 3 total.
  7. JimZ

    indoor tv antenna

    Thanks for the info. I need to do some research.
  8. JimZ

    indoor tv antenna

    That would do!
  9. JimZ

    indoor tv antenna

    Thanks so it sounds like you distribute thru your home network. All this stuff has advanced considerably!!! I have some homework to do.
  10. JimZ

    indoor tv antenna

    So I'm a streaming guy and not too much into normal stick and ball sports (what I do watch I subscribe to Peacock for). I hosted Thanksgiving and received a lot of grief for not having any football available on the tube. I was strongly advised to spend a few bucks and get a TV antenna. Anyone...
  11. JimZ

    All you need instant read thermometer for $14.99

    I bought one as well a few years back. I love the thing. I think I paid like 13$ or so. I use it in lieu of the themapen only to preserve the thermapens life and honestly, it works as it should. I will admit I am a thermoworks guy only because I've had a great experience with their customer...
  12. JimZ

    Cleaning the weber 22 & 26 kettles

    So with the big holiday coming up, I wanted to clean the inside of my kettles. I've heard from guys on this forum about the razor blade method but there has to be an easier way. Easy off oven cleaner? Attachment for a cordless drill? I started with the razor blade on the inside of my 22" and...
  13. JimZ

    Another Nice Gadget I Found

    Dyson makes great motors sadly everything else that surrounds them sucks. Batteries on their cordless suck as well. Larry please keep us posted on your new purchase I've been looking into those as well ever since my Dyson cordless crapped out.
  14. JimZ

    Exclusive Drawing for Forum Members: $25 Home Depot Gift Cards

    Congrats Chris. Great forum here!!!
  15. JimZ

    Grills for sale (not mine)

    Saw this on facebook. Thought I would share.
  16. JimZ

    cowboy hardwood briquets at Walmart

    I'm always shopping for a deal on charcoal. I guess the days of cheap charcoal ( twin packs of KBB at the depot for 10 bucks) are long gone.
  17. JimZ

    cowboy hardwood briquets at Walmart

    Thanks, I'm glad I grabbed some for stock. I grabbed 4 bags of the B&B competition oak blend when they went on sale and those are not bad either. LArge in size and great for the snake method one the 26" kettle.
  18. JimZ

    cowboy hardwood briquets at Walmart

    Cowboy Hardwood Charcoal Briquets, 20 Pounds Each (Pack of 2) (4.6)4.6 stars out of 192 reviews192 reviews $17.92$17.92/ea 40 pounds for $18 bucks delivered. I grabbed 80 pounds just to try it. Why not? Any opinions on this stuff? Just thought I would let you all know.
  19. JimZ

    Pizza on the Weber Kettle

    Wow, now that's a za! Well done! We preheat the cast iron and use a frozen stick of butter to lube the iron before plopping in the dough. Normally in the oven but want to try doing it in the kettle. It's a dangerous proposition cause your building the za on top of a screaming hot pan but man the...
  20. JimZ

    I give up!

    I’ve only done a couple but I will say they have turned out really good. I don’t wrap but do go 220 ish so it takes a while. Honestly they’re good but ribs and brisket are more liked in my house so those get cooked more often. Is it me or is the price on that cut of meat out of line?