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    cleaning grill grates

    Grill on partner, they are clean enough....
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    - BBQ Bucket list

    In South Carolina add Lewis' BBQ in Charleston and Rodney Scott's daddy's place in Hemingway.
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    Grilling thin-cut steaks on Weber Kettle

    Thin pork chops are one of my favorites on the grill. Really like them for breakfast
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    Grilling thin-cut steaks on Weber Kettle

    I cook mine like JH above, only I do not flip. Same for thin pork chops.
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    Have you got your covid vaccine yet?

    Wife and I have both gotten our second Moderna shots. She had no reaction. I had no reaction with the first, but the second gave me the yuks for a day and a half.
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    Kiolbassa Sausage?

    Good stuff!!!!!
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    2019 Elk Hunt

    Stay with it as long as you enjoy it and can hunt safely. I finally gave up fishing because I was not comfortable out on the lake or river by myself. Fishing partners aged out. Now in my 80's I love bird feeding and watching, and I do a bit of yard work. Still can mow my big corner lot. Enjoyed...
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    Apparently Arizona has been Craving White Castle sliders

    Love those White Castles from my midshipman days in the Navy. Only thing I could afford on liberty.......
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    Nathan's Foot Long Hot Dogs

    Had the grandkids visiting for a couple of weeks. On hot dog night tried the BarS dogs and they were really good. Everyone liked them.
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    Excellent Steak Marinade

    Tried this on a couple of smaller ribeyes for the wife and me. Superb results. This is good stuff!!!!!
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    Long-Term Freezer Preservation of Cooked Ribs

    I have had success wrapping a piece of paper towel over the bone as previously mentioned.
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    BBQ sauce sale

    Do not know if there are any Bulls- Eye sauce fans left , but Lowe's Foods has it on sale here for one dollar a bottle.
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    "the starting temperature of your steak has a negligible impact on how it cooks."

    Well said, Rich..... So have I . I feel a good steak can be cooked a number of ways...........My taste buds are 80 years old.
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    What are you cookin' for the 4th?

    Got the BB's going, wife has the potato salad and baked beans done. Plus she made me a huge bowl of banana pudding , love it. Will probably have some for breakfast in the morning...........
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    Newbie looking for tips on using the WSM

    Read Chris' cooking tips and operating tips and you are good to go...............
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    What's Cookin For The Superbowl?

    Not firing up the charcoal, instead making about five or six quarts of Texas Red Chili in the slow cooker. Fine stuff!!!!!!!!!!! Not overly hot but the flavors are intense......
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    How small is too small

    Jim Lampe recently did a 5 lb. butt. He sez it took nearly 10 hours lo and slo. See photo gallery...........
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    Camp Cooking

    Would love to go out with you all next time. Looks beautiful and South Africa is one of the few places in the world I have not been.
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    Smoking Wood

    My input ,which is the same as the infamous Stogie who was a key player on this site for many years. I probably learned more from him than anyone else...... Kevin Taylor Kevin Taylor is offline TVWBB All-Star Join Date Apr 2000 Location Fort Wayne, IN Posts 1,438 Hi Gary! I just have to chime...
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    4th Brisket Question

    Will be looking forward to seeing pics of a superb brisket.............