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    Is the Weber chimney TOO efficient?

    When the smoke on the chimney burns clear, it's ready to go. There will look like some raw charcoal on the top but thats fine. It will get going. Clear smoke!!
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    Would you buy another Kettle just because?

    Whats that funny looking green thing next to your 22 WSM?........ J/K nice spread!!!
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    Which new Kettle to buy

    They are both awesome grills. What do you currently have? Would this grill be to supplement what you currently have or be your main cooker?
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    Would you buy another Kettle just because?

    Dirt Cheap, Yes....Decent Price, No. Just my personal opinion. If not dirt cheap, it would have to be a colored older model in nice shape. But I also have a couple kettles laying around.... A couple dozen!
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    posted months ago, still avail "1979 Vintage Weber Charcoal Grill - $80 (Milwaukee) "

    That is a beautiful score. I was eyeballing that for a while but just couldn't bring myself to get another black grill. I have a "B" code in excellent shape.
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    22.5" Silver new in box

    At $45 it might be a little easier to hide the transaction!
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    ribs on 22 wsm

    I would just be little careful and try and try to leave a little bit of space between each rack when I laid them flat. You want to make sure the air can circulate.
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    PDF: The BBQ Wisdom of Harry Soo

    Harry posted an Q&A article on his Facebook page last night. It looks like he's contemplating switching out his competition gear!
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    posted months ago, still avail "1979 Vintage Weber Charcoal Grill - $80 (Milwaukee) "

    That 22 is tempting but I have a few blacks already. Nice shape for its age though!
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    Hello from Chicago!!!

    Bob, I grill just about everything. It depends on the day and how much time I have. Today, I cooked a ham on my asm 18.
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    Homer Simpson 10th anniversary 22.5 New in box on E-bay

    Highest bid was $227.50. Thats pretty steep if you ask me but someone out there is willing to pay that. Good luck on the sale!
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    Getting ready to hit the order button 18.5 or 22"

    Tim, This is my first actual post here in the forum! I personally like the 18". The 22" is a great product and can do a ton of things but the 18 can do the same. Unless you are cooking for a crowd the 18 will do justice for you. It will also save you a little bit of money! I've done...
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    Hello from Chicago!!!

    Hello from Chicago!! I don't know why I didn't register sooner but I love these forums and everything Weber for that matter. My collection is building and I am always looking for something new to purchase! Well... old for that matter but new to me. I grill year round and numerous times...