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    Version 2 of my homebrew controller

    I've been looking for a project for my arduino, and it looks like I've found it. Being the anal-retentive person I am, I was wondering if anyone has the eagle files for what they've developed so far? My plan (so far) is to follow the basic plan, but instead of the suggested LCD, or a shift...
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    How Much Flavor Does Charcoal Impart?

    I would definetly agree that different charcoal has different flavors. I currently have 2 favorites, and am searching for more. I've only ever used lump, so I can't speak to bri. 1)Maple Leaf - Beech, Maple and Yellow Birch. I find this is slightly sweet flavored. Goes really well with...
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    Knife Sharpener

    Thanks Kevin! I'll registering ASAP, and I'm looking forward to the discount on the knives! ...and I just found out a friend of mine works there! Cheers!
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    Seasoning New Cast Iron

    I'd agree with everything that has been said before. That said, older cast iron was polished, where as the newer ones seem to be only bead blasted. This is one reason why older peices of cast iron are so sought after. One thing you can do, if you have lots of time, is to manualy polish it...
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    Mojito Chicken

    That looks awesome Hayden. I think I know what I'll be making later this week!
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    Something Different - Pork Tenderloin Wellington

    Decieded to try something different for dinner tonight. Followed an Alton Brown/Good Eats receipe for the basics, but cooked on the grill. Start with prosciutto seasoned with S&P and some Thyme. Trim a tenderloin up, cut in half and place on top, reversing the halves so that it rolls up nice...
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    How to maintain a paella pan?

    Shaun, I'm curious what size of pan you are using? I've got a 22.5 OTG that I'm looking at picking up a paella pan for, and would like it to fit snug without snuffing the fire.
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    First grill of the season

    Thanks for the advice Stewart...I'll start looking around for sources. Shouldn't be too tough here in cow-town.
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    First grill of the season

    What is this season you speak of? I've been known to grill and smoke with snow up to my shoulders! Glad to hear it came out great! My wife and I have only recently started enjoying lamb and I'm looking forward to trying out your method. Cheers.
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    How to maintain a paella pan?

    I use canola or vegetable oil on all my cast iron, wipe it on, then heat it. It forms a hard black non-stick surface. There is lots of debate regarding this chemical process, but I just know it works great once you build it up. For paella pans you wouldn't be seasoning it the same way. I...
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    Craycort's Cast Iron Grate

    Well, I just bit the bullet and ordered mine. At $125 CDN for the grate and lifter it's just over 1/2 the price of a whole OTG up here in Canada. Looking forward to those grill marks. I just wished they shipped faster!
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    How to maintain a paella pan?

    Try a bit of oil....
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    Knife Sharpener

    Thanks for posting this! Please let me know what you think of the class, I'm in Calgary too, and have been looking off and on for a good knife sharpening class (and the discount on the Japanese knives would be great too!).
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    top grate vs. bottom grate temps

    When I'm cooking a big batch of meat like this, I like to move things around. About half way through, when I'd normally be spraying with apple juice, I like to move what ever's on the top to the bottom and vise versa, and I would flip the meat at the same time. I think this helps eliminate the...
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    Just made a 48" Offset smoke...a question

    Well Tyler I think you're going to have to try some different methods and judge for yourself what you like best. On my WSM when I'm doing butts I like smoke through the whole cook, but that's different than actually burning apple/cherry wood. I assume you'll be at "Smoke on the Water" the...
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    Can I fit all of this on my WSM?

    Whenever I'm doing ribs I follow a 3-2-1 formula, dosen't matter if it's 3 racks or even the one time I squeezed 15 racks in...which came out great.