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    Weber Imperial Sequoia returns to Weber Grill Restaurant

    there seems to be a few grills "make it home " lately
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    1997/98 Weber Flat Top ad from Australia

    it is a summit the roasting dish is a similar shape to a GA although the lip on the lid and bowl are reversed to a GA
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    Red Master Touch?

    yep OTP....
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    Bar-B-Q KETTLE, Gray???

    rounded for 22 flat for 18
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    Another impulse buy.

    its an aussie weber flattop !! have one myself rusting away down the back yard near the creek the stainless pieces clip on front and back to stop splatters i will see what i can find out about these its a summit thats for sure but its not called that here they come in 4 and 6 burner
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    A Few Webers hanging out.....

    yep brownie is a name coomonly used think its offical name is copper mist
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    I couldn't resist any longer...........

    i also love my e z cue loven the performer wish we could get copper in OZ
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    Soaking Grates

    i think he means cleaning grates from second hand pick ups i thoroughly soak and scrub 2nd hand grates on arrival to the stable
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    1969 -1970 Patent Pending Avocado

    love it to bits sweet score another agent X? ive got a trade going with him atm
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    Green Performer SS vintage?

    1990 is M
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    1963 Plainsman

    i would trade left nut
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    Score today

    use a grinder or dremel
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    Picked up an older GAG today

    no date code on the GA gasser
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    happy birthday sir george stephen

    would of been the big fellas birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE:D
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    Best Weber Color

    Yellow all the way
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    chocolate 22.5

    just get it ask questions later
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    Somthing you do not see every day: A brand new 2000 Genesis 1100 Redhead

    gday bman and gday stephen another competitor in the sydney market just shout out to me if you need any parts i usually get better prices from weber most i assume you will get for free with the right customer service employee
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    Old "Wood Dale" Redhead found in a heap.

    This site is great for all things WSM related, but the WKC is king when it comes to old kettles. ^^ THIS thats what i love each has there own niche
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    1979 22" Blueberry

    love it look in ok condish for a 79