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    Erin Go Baby Backs

    Mr Correll since I moved to Arkansas about a year ago I have not really been homesick until I saw your Shop-n-Save meat pictures. There are no good grocery stores down here, I have to choose from Wal-Mart, Aldi's, , and Price Cutter. The last two are a just like an IGA with a worse meat...
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    Not getting enough smoke flavor in my BB.

    I agree with Timothy, I have had the same problems in the past and ordered from (I think that's it) and my smoke flavor went way up. The cheap bag wood at the big box stores is very dry and just burns away, but the right wood gives off great flavor even when it looks like there is...
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    New cover for my 22.5?

    Awsome, thanks.
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    New cover for my 22.5?

    Had a bit of a storm a few weeks back and the wind blew the cover off my 22.5 WSM and my 22.5 kettle, by the time I noticed it when I got home from work the covers were blown to China. The other day when I whent to smoke a butt I remembered why I loved my cover, the bowl was filled with water...
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    Favorite Store Bought Sauce

    Head Country original. I tweeked and worked on a home made sauce that my family would like for two years before I ended with something I really liked. Lst year when I moved from StL to AR I bought some Head Country for my first AR cook and it was the same sauce! My wife could not tell the...
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    No problem Jeff, Cajun Bandit and the Ribolator site both sell them along with the ring. I have 2 Weber spits I got from Home Depot for cheap on clearence, the only thing I had to do to make the Weber work is trim my Cajun Bandit tabs that hold the motor to get it to fit. The Weber is slightly...
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    You need a rotisserie ring and rotisserie motor/spit rod. Other than that you are good to go. I recommend the Cajun Bandit ring, fits both the WSM and a kettle if you have one.
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    14lb Rib Roast Reheating Qestions

    For the past 3 years I have been doing a 12-15 lb boneless rib roast for the family Christmas dinner. This year due to moving and and my wife having to work I will have to cook the roast at home and transfer it to my brothers house 2 hours away. My plan is to cook to my desired 125d and wrap in...
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    Sorry the last thing on my mind was pics, glad I could make you chuckle.
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    A little backround before we start. About 6 months ago I moved my family from St. Louis to Rogers Arkansas for a promotion at work, and no it is not Wal-Mart. This weekend I will be packing up the family truckster and taking the tribe back to Stl for my daughters 5th birthday party, not wanting...
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    Can casing soak too long?

    I planned on making some sausage tonight so I soaked the casings last night to get at least 24hrs in the water. Here is my problem I did not get out of work until late and just do not want to deal with it tonight, tomorrow might be a late night also and Monday due to reasons I cannot control I...
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    Fruita Wood

    I used to use the hardware store wood and found that the wood was dry and I would get very little smoke. I switched to Fruita wood and have never turned back. I used to use 5 chunks and would not get enough smoke, 1 or 2 piece's of the Fruita wood is more than enough. Pull the trigger and get it.
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    22.5 roti Question

    For me I think that rotisserie cooks are almost no brainers, super easy to do and it just looks cool.
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    Tubinado is raw sugar, as long as you are not cooking high heat brown sugar is fine.
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    Agave nectar on ribs?

    I believe agave is used to sweeten things because it is sweeter than both sugar and honey but has very little flavor
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    What's your trick to get to and keep 225?

    Try lighting a small fire and bringing the temp up slowly, also make small adjustments to the vents at a time. The small padjustments will keep the fire from getting out of control.
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    First Cook with ATC

    I also have the Aubers and love it, its not great at high heat but 225 works great. I found it does take about 3 good cooks for it to dial in but once its locked in its good to go. enjoy it.
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    Cleaning WSM Exterior

    I wait until the WSM is hot during a cook and CAREFULLY take a bundle of wet rags to it. A pair of gloves couldn't hurt either, to bad I haven't learned that lesson yet.
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    Good meat in NW Arkansas

    I am moving to Bentonville Ar tomorrow, I spent a short 3 days looking for a house and while I was there I saw 15 WalyWorlds, a Sam's Club and an Aldi. Anybody know of a good butcher or any other supermarkets in that area? Sam's can be limited and WalyWorld meat kinda sucks.
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    Stufz Burger Maker

    Mike, a little late to the party, but try this tip from Cooks Country. Whatever size patty you want to make take about a third out of the patty and cover your cheese first with that then form the rest of the patty around your cheese ball. It has worked for me everytime with no blowout, I reverse...