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    How about a knife thread?

    So far so good. I've only had the knife for about 6 months so it's only been on the stones once. All I did was clean up the out of the box edge since then all it's needed has been stropping. I do however have a Blue 2 Nakiri i bought mostly to practice sharpening skils on and I'm not...
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    How about a knife thread?

    Hey guys. Really cool thread. Here's a bad picture of a really great knife. My beloved Anryu Hammered Blue 2 240.
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    Smoke Day/Weekend Banter (chat) Here

    Hey guys. Just getting my stuff set up. Hope the weather holds. Smoking a back cut brisket overnight (still counts as smoke day if I start it today right?) and will put 2 Racks St. Louis on tomorrow. Need to take it easy tonight. Grilled tuna steak sandwich (over oak), ginger...
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    Make your mark on the WSM Smoke Day Map

    Just got going. 2 Racks of ribs and a back cut brisekt. Woo Hoo!
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    DIY Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce

    Hey Chris, That looks really good. In case you get the itch for something hot, here's a version I was making this summer. I copied this recipe from
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    Anyone ever seen a brisket stall in the 140*s? [Pastrami actually]

    Well it's confirmed. Another pastrami. 4# flat. Stalled right at 147*. This particular flat was wet brined/cured. Then desalinated for about 12 hours. Rubbed and been resting for about 6 weeks. Guess it must be something about pastrami.
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    1 Day 'Til Thanksgiving: Final Turkey Tips

    Ya' know Chris, kind of funny you mention that. A lot of folks know this is one of my hobbies and I get emails and questions asking for advice on how to .. x,y, z .. a turkey on the grill. For years now I've been sending them here!
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    Costco Brisket - What's available in your area / Other options?

    Only fully trimmed flats at Costo on Long Island (at least western Long Island). About 2 weeks ago they were $4.00 which is still about $1.00 $1.50 a pound better than standard market. Honestly, I only use them for corned beef or pastrami. Too heavily trimmed and on those rare...
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    brine max duration?

    It may be. Depends on what you're going for with the butt. To give you some idea, if you're making corned beef you can leave it in the pickling brine for ... I've gone as long as 2 weeks. But then you get corned beef textured meat. [On edit: Just remembered. Corned beef uses a much...
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    How to Measure Salt: It's not all the same by volume.

    Excellent NY Times article I stumbled across. By feel and taste I'd learned to use less by volume of Mortons than Diamond Crystal ---- But I had no idea it should be nearly half. Here's a synopsis...
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    First Brisket ever on the kettle now!

    One of my favorite brisket cooks is 2 fist size chunks of oak and 1 chunk of hickory. The oak mellows out the hickory a bit. It's a great hobby isn't it?
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    Today's Pastrami

    Tony here are the only other shot I have. Brought this pastrami as an appetizer to a party so no sammy shots. Recipe is a combination of things. I was short of time so I couldn't do a wet brine. So... - Borrowed Crhis' dry cure recipe. - Then followed the steps published here in...
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    Today's Pastrami

    Have to run out but here's a quick shot.
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    First Brisket ever on the kettle now!

    So far so good. Mustard rub's a good choice when you're just starting out. Holds the smoke and holds the moisture. Haven't used a DigiQ on a kettle. But on a WSM they recommend vents closed so sounds like you're heading in the right direction. My guess here (what size fan are you using...
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    Today's Pastrami

    In my steam bath.
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    Today's Pastrami

    Today's Pastrami. When it was pulled.
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    Anyone ever seen a brisket stall in the 140*s? [Pastrami actually]

    How I complete the steaming bath.
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    Anyone ever seen a brisket stall in the 140*s? [Pastrami actually]

    Here are some pictures. Pulled it right around 14 hours(!). Color was good. Bark was good. Certainly was not tender. BUT I never worry about tender with pastrami. I ALWAYS steam it. First pic right after pulling.
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    It Ain't BBQ

    Nice Bob. Isn't it great the way the lobsters have come back these last 2 years? They're actually affodable again.