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    Friday Night Steaks

    I was just looking at how much the CIG's cost. I like em but don't think I can get myself to spend that much on a grate. I would then have to get the pizza stone and every other accessory for this thing
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    Suggestions for tailgate menu for Chargers playoffs

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Chuck Piercy: Philip Rivers Ford Taurus Burger. He drove one for the entire time he was at NCST. It was a gnarley grey stationwagon he probably...
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    Suggestions for tailgate menu for Chargers playoffs

    So many decisions! I'm gonna thumb through the ads tonight too and check to see what is on sale. I think for sure I will add Tri tip since it's only $1.99 per lb right now. I may even try to make some ABT's. Does it matter if I use my smoker or my Performer?
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    Suggestions for tailgate menu for Chargers playoffs

    Jim, I've never tried that. Do they still come out as tender as when you do them low and slow?
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    Suggestions for tailgate menu for Chargers playoffs

    I forgot. I could also cook some mussells too. That's always a hit.
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    Suggestions for tailgate menu for Chargers playoffs

    Thanks for the input everyone. Joe, I like your idea about a donation jar. I just think my wife would get mad if I did such a thing Anyhow, I'm debating on bringing my performer or the WSM. I know someone usually brings an 18" kettle and I normally bring the Q200 but am thinking this time...
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    Suggestions for tailgate menu for Chargers playoffs

    Hi My beloved SD Chargers made the playoffs and I wanted to see if I can gather some suggestions from you guys here. The only criteria is it can't take too long to cook since our tailgate window is only 5 hours. Sucks huh? I was thinking of Tri tip, drumbettes/chicken wings for the grill...
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    Where Do I Get Good Lump In San Diego?

    Jerry, the RO at the Walmart here in San Diego is actual lump and not briquettes. They are $5.00 but are only 10 lb bags. Depending on where he is in San Diego, he can still get some of that lump charcoal briquettes over at Home Depot.
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    Where Do I Get Good Lump In San Diego?

    I live in SD also. I normally get Royal Oak at Walmart for about $5.00 a bag or you can go to Escondido to a placed called Olson Firewood.
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    Q 300 feedback?

    Hey Ed, I don't have a 300 but have a 200. I didn't get the 300 since I already have a Genesis Silver B. Here are some answers to your questions. 1. It get's very hot and you can sear a steak pretty good IMO. 2. Not having flavorizer bars is not that big of a deal. I just make sure to...
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    Meat for Sale out of Truck

    Our secretary bought some meat from dude in a white truck that looked like it actually had a freezer or something. Poor girl spent like 60 bucks on rib eye steaks and hamburgers. The rib eyes said "Del Monico" or something like that and were only like 1/4 - 1/2" thick. They just did not look...
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    Weber SJP vs Weber Q

    I vote for the Q! Just got it this year to replace an older Coleman gasser and couldn't be more pleased. I don't know what took me so long to pull the trigger. I also use this as my primary weekday cooker since it doesn't require alot of propane and very easy to clean.
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    Boston butt wasn't very juicy, why?

    I've done them both with injecting and without injecting and have gotten some good, moist pulled pork. The one thing I did when not injecting though is putting the butt in one of those aluminum trays and put a little apple juice in there around the butt. Maybe around 1/4 inch or so. I have...
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    Tri-Tip from Jamie Purvance Book

    Chris, I've done this both on my Kettle grills and my WSM. Both times though, I am done with it when it reaches 140. You better rush to Albertsons. I see you're from SD. I bought like 6 Tri-Tip's there yesterday for the 4th.
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    4th of July Cooking

    I have two functions to attend for the 3rd and 4th. I will be cooking about 16lbs of Pork Butt's, 1-2 dozen corn, 3-6 racks of Baby Back's, possibly 3-4 whole chickens and whatever else my wife wants.
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    Friday night butts

    Hi shiloh, I'm from San Diego also. I was just wondering where you are getting your wood from? I normally go to escondido to a spot called Olson firewood but if there is something closer to Chula Vista, I would like to know. Thanks
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    Wine Oak Smoked Tri-tip

    Wow! I've been cooking tri tip for about a year now and can't even get my smoke ring that close. Then again, I usually cook it on the WSM at around 350 or so.
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    It's only Monday and I already have my weekend smokes planned...

    Larry, It's on sale here at Albertsons for the same price. I usually grab around 6 or so when they are that cheap just to freeze and will probably cook around 3 of them on Friday. That seems to be the food of choice when my buds come over. I either make that one really good or they just don't...
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    It's only Monday and I already have my weekend smokes planned...

    You're just like me. I start thinking of next week's menu before the Sunday is even over. I think this weekend I'm going to cook a few Tri-tips, some whole chicken's and maybe break out the deep fryer for some buffalo wings.
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    I could not find any Weber Firestarter cubes at any HD in San Diego.

    I just got my cubes last week so I should be good for a little while. I usually just use one cube as well and it work's great. No ashes that fly around.