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    Baby it's cold outside.

    I don't think XCel has said why they are having issues providing enough natural gas but they did have an electrical power outage Tuesday night for over 5 hours for like 7,000 customers and then the natural gas issue the next day. They are having customers stay in hotels to make sure they stay...
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    Today at my South StL county Costco, the Kamado Joe roadshow, etc

    I have a Kamado Joe actually along with my WSMs. I really like the Kamado Joe for pulled pork. It holds heat so well and the fat dripping on the hot deflector plate makes a huge taste difference. Its charcoal efficiency is impressive as well. If I had to go down to just one grill/smoker it...
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    Silly (probably) question on temperature probe grommet

    I use the grommet all the time. Isn't the long slot grommet for when you pull the wires through and then the little small one for pushing a probe through and leaving it like you are talking about? I find the small one holds a probe tightly and doesn't leak air or smoke then.
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    Another Franklin Barbecue Review

    I actually road tripped from Minnesota down to Franklin's for my birthday a couple weeks ago. I got in line at 7:30 and got my food at noon. It was very close to the plate above. I will say it was incredible! The brisket is so perfectly cooked it is amazing that the restaurant can do that...
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    Spam Singles for George Curtis

    I live in Minnesota and am hoping to make it to the SPAM Museum in Austin, MN yet this year. I will be sure to share some pictures if I do get to make it there.
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    Fire on Ice, my first KCBS comp

    I french the bones to start. To do this I run a good sharp knife around the the bone just where the real meat of the leg starts. Once you cut through the skin and any tendons you can pull the meat up over the knuckle and off. Note that it pulls one way better than the other. After that I...
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    Alton Brown : Eat Your Science

    I saw his show on Mother's Day. It was a blast. He did use the Performer as a table with something else mounted on top where the lid would go, he took advantage of it's shape. Very fun show if you get a chance to see him.
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    Vortex Wing ?'s

    How long are you guys cooking your wings? It sounds like an hour almost from some of these but when I use my Vortex it pegs the lid thermometer and after an hour they would be horribly burned.
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    Fire on Ice, my first KCBS comp

    Thanks everyone. I do really like the chicken lollipops and my taste and texture scores always show they come out well but I get such a big variance on appearance scores from 6 to 9 all the time. It is like people only want to see thighs but once they taste it like the legs too. It is pretty...
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    Rotisserie ring question

    I see they make a ring for the 22" kettle for $69.99 out there as well. That is tempting since I don't think I can justify the Weber one at over twice the price for how much I would use it.
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    iGrill Probes What Would YOU do ?

    You only want meat probes? You don't want a air temp probe? That was my biggest complaint about the iGrill was that it only came with 2 meat probes and no air temp probe. Luckily when I got mine they were running a promotion to get a free probe and you could get the air temp one which I did...
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    Fire on Ice, my first KCBS comp

    I actually learned from cooking on ice previously that you do have to be careful with a WSM. Just the pressure and heat of the legs sitting still on the ice while cooking helps melt it and then because the weber has those looped metal legs the water gets up over it and starts to freeze. The...
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    Fire on Ice, my first KCBS comp

    I just put the hinges on a few weeks ago. I was hesitant initially about adding them since you have to drill through the enamel but now that they are on I love them. Great job on your showing by the way! You guys did great!
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    Fire on Ice, my first KCBS comp

    Over the first weekend in March I did my first, and probably only, KCBS comp. I usually do backyard comps and I did this last year but it was on a full KCBS then. It is now a full KCBS which brought out quite a few of the top teams. I decided to do it anyway since it is such a unique and fun...
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    New Boy Toy

    Yes here in the Twin Cities there is a place called Quetopia that sells those, Yoders and Kamodo Joes. It is where I buy my smoke wood and about half the rubs I like. run by a super nice guy too!
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    New Boy Toy

    Nice cooker Russ. A local BBQ supply store here sells those and I have debated one of them. You have to lets us see lots more cooks on it.
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    Thanks, I knew I had seen pics somewhere recently
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    I got the hinges on my two 22" WSMs and am not looking at covers. I put on one that is for a 26" but it seems kind of short, do those of you that use the Weber 26" have any pictures as to how long they hang on the cooker?
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    I just ordered mine. In their install video they paint where they drilled and then the video goes right on to showing them putting the bolts in. I am guessing you actually should let it dry first then put the bolts on. So does these take 2 days or so to do because of that? Did any of you put...
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    igrill 2 users here?

    I have one. I really like how it maps temps and you can export it. Unfortunately the export has a data point like every 15 seconds so longer cooks give way too much data to Excel. I need to figure out how to summarize it. Since it is bluetooth it doesn't have the best range. I can use it...