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    A Day On The Grill

    Happy New Year ... Awesome Cook.
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    New Year's Eve, lots of smoke and grilling !!

    Beautiful work. Steven V
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    Chicken drumsticks on the bottom grate cook time?

    So did they turn out good ?
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    ATC Recommendations?

    FlameBoss, super easy to use and cloud based. but I only use it on long smokes.
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    First ribs on 18 WSM

    Looking good Matt. Well done.
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    Chicken kabobs and ribs

    in my experience chicken doesnt do as well with slow and low. skin will get rubbery so unless you do hot and fast ribs. I am not sure i would do both at the same time. i am sure someone else will chime in shortly.
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    New 18.5

    Good luck tomorrow dont forget to post pics before, during and after (plated).
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    Faux Burnt Ends

    John, that looks delicious. I need to try that. Just curious what did you pay on the chuck?
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    First Brisket on 22.5 WSM

    Mick brisket looks awesome. Did you happen to use water on this cook?
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    Pulled Pork

    that pp looks amazing Kemper. keep up the good work!
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    Butcher Paper Brisket

    Thank guys for the awesome feedback. Its definitely nerve racking to throw a $40 piece of meat on the grill and cross your fingers. But with the help of the members here, I have learn a lot. And this Q worked out great.
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    Baby backs and a fattie

    Great looking ribs!
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    Butcher Paper Brisket

    Well i decided to try a brisket using butcher paper and not foil. Bark was very nice. Brisket not quite as moist as foil even though the paper held the liquids. I wrapped the brisket in foil prior to putting it in my cooler for two hours. I need to figure out the whole packer thing because...
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    ATC options

    Joe, I was in the same boat as you. And here is my two cents worth exactly that... I bought the Flameboss and have had no regrets. Support has been exceptional but what I am starting to learn is that the WSM really doesn't need a ATC unless your doing butts or brisket. That's pretty much...
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    Flameboss - Thoughts?

    Not sure how it compares to the CyberQ wifi. But I was looking some months back for a ATC and I did settle on the FB. So far so good, I love the cloud/web interface no router configuration necessary. It just works right out of the box. I do wish it had wireless n protocol vs g but no biggie...
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    ATC suggestions

    I decided to wait, save up a little more and purchase the flameboss 200 wifi. I So far I love my only negative was the device came with wireless g and for the cost I know I could have gotten a HM with wireless n. Also the cloud monitoring cooks is very cool.
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    Pork Rib Steak

    Nice Cook!
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    Thanks guys... spares turned out awesome even with the brief overshoot maybe a little to done (soft) but wife likes that.. not me. My 18" WSM likes 250 (no water just foiled bowl) with only one lower vent open so trying to force it to 225 with the AT controller required me to adjust the dome...
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    So I got my Flameboss last weekend threw a rack of St Louis on them but did not take any pics. I decide to do some more testing today with a rack of spares. I screwed up at the beginning by clipping the pit probe underneath my ribs. I realize it after a half hour web UI was at 250 but dome was...