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    What to do with some of Arby's Sauce?

    I thought about the white sauce using the Horsey sauce and I have the cookbook so I may try that. The three pepper sauce is not the Arby's sauce (should have titled the thread differently) and I don't think it's available nation wide. On the nutritional page on the website it's listed on the...
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    What to do with some of Arby's Sauce?

    I have some friends who are co-owners of the local Arbys. Due to some "technical" issues at times they give me various items. Mostly it's ketchup (1.5 gal at a time) which I use in many of my sauces but in the last week I was given 1.5 gal each of the Horsey sauce and Three Pepper Sauce...
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    Winter smoking

    Like Mike I cook year around. I live a little northwest of him and it gets a little colder here. The only difference is I will go through more fuel which only really affects overnight cooks. I use wind breaks year round, three sided and no top until winter when I use four sides and a top...
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    I'm gonna second Big Mike, any suggestions for larger gloves/ I bought the ones from TexasBBQ but they were too small.
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    KCBS Judging Class in NW Iowa March 2012

    Thanks for the link Fred. It worked. Nice to see 4 Legs doing it, they're pretty good, used to live an hour from them. If you want to exchange #'s, call Genesis Development where I work. The 30 teams was from the newspaper article and it will be at the campgrounds again. And I will have a...
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    Dry aging my first Ribeye

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Steve S.: Regarding the temp swings. I added a twelve pack of disinfected soda cans to the fridge. The added thermal mass has cut the temperature...
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    KCBS Judging Class in NW Iowa March 2012

    Lakefest is KCBS this next year and expanding to 30 teams. Chad you ought to come . Fred and I were set up across the street from each other. Good times. Haven't heard the acts for the concert yet. Fred, anymore info on the cooking class? Haven't got anything from Kelli yet.
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    KCBS Judging Class in NW Iowa March 2012

    Just trying to get an early word out in the bbq dead zone that is NW Iowa. There will be a judging class in March 2012. Registration is open (I signed out as soon as I got the email) so here is a link for all the information: Will also throw...
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    Dry aging my first Ribeye

    Johnson still have temp swings, 3-4 degrees. I use them in keggerators as the temp swing don't bug me and the keg mass produces little temp change anyway. For fermentation I use a Ranco. You can dial it in to 1 degree increments. I get mine from here...
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    WSM Portable "Smoke Shack" (Wind/Rain Screen)

    Looking sweet! Would love the plans also if you get the time (email in profile).
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    Friendly reminder to remove ash from charcoal ring...

    I don't always clean out the ash from the bottom, depends on length of previous cooks, if I used lump or charcoal, etc but always stir the old fuel to clean off the ash before putting fresh on.
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    Pellets versus wood chunks?

    Question for those using the pellets. How much are you putting into packets? There are a few wood types I would like to try so will be ordering some.
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    Twist on the Minion method.

    I use 12-14 spread out, lights fast in the chimney and does fine getting up to temp.
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    First Backyard Comp in the Books

    Will keep you in mind. I tend to comp by myself though my wife helps out on more local contest. Any help I would have would be friends (I'm originally from McPherson) but nobody with any comp experience. I'll bring the homebrew also
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    First Backyard Comp in the Books

    Looked good, always hard to get the first comp under your belt. Any thoughts for future comps? I'm doing the When Pigs Fly next July in McPherson KS next year.
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    The All Encompassing Beer Thread

    Guy, had a chance to check out any of Heretic's selection yet?
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    Competition Plan

    As long as somethings on the top rack, yes. I don't cook anything under poultry, covered or not.
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    Competition Plan

    Sorry for the confusion. The ribs do go on while the brisket is still on. Do a couple of practice runs if you can, maybe trying a couple of different combinations. My reason for the butt/chicken and brisket/rib combinations is smoker size.
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    WSM tems can't regulate

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by PeterD: All I can think of is going without water in the pan started some kind of a chain reaction. I've heard folks not using water and thought I'd try...
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    Competition Plan

    Ribs I go around 5.5-6 hours (St Louis style spares) depending on trim weight, brisket I plan on 2hrs hold, pull at 191-192 to foil then hold. I also do burnt ends with the ribs. I usually do 3 racks of ribs and 2 briskets.