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    I like the pork chop picture the best. How is that Shiner Oktoberfest beer?
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    Rainy Day St Louis Spare Ribs

    The ribs look like they came out very good!
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    Meat & Potatoes

    I like that rib eye shot! Good looking plate of food
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    23rd Wedding Anniversary Dinner

    Happy anniversary! Great looking dinner
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    Brisket Nirvana

    I want some!
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    Sausage makin day

    The finished product looks great!
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    5lb Pork Leg Roast in my "Homemade Weber" ;-)

    Digging the weber! Pork looks like it came out good!
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    Smoked/Roasted Duck

    One beautiful looking duck! I like how you cooked it.
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    Smash Burgers on the !

    Love the crust that smash burgers get. I want one of those double burgers you got on your plate!
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    Loco Moco Fatty

    That looks delicious! Also I may go back to sleep after eating that!
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    Ranch Kettle is now Operational!

    One heck of a deal for a ranch kettle!
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    Newest member of the family.

    Definitely a good deal going to a great cause! Congrats to the boy for whippin cancer!
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    14 lb. whole Choice packer for fishing camp

    That is a good looking brisket. Bummer on the fishing.
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    Happy Father's Day to me...

    What a deal! It looks in great shape too!
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    Chuck eyes on the kettle

    I love chuck eyes and get them on sale when my grocery store has them, good cuts of beef at a nice price. Congrats on the boy! My wife just had our second boy and I had to cook steaks far beyond what I would normally while she was pregnant.
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    Simple spare ribs or me just being lazy

    Looks like a good dinner!
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    Steak Night

    Plate me up please!!
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    Brisket for family reunion potluck

    Good color on that brisket and I am sure you will find some more then a few "perfect slices".
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    Spiced & Smoked...

    Yum.....on all accounts!
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    Ghetto Spamwaiian pizza

    I like it Bob!