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    Ranch Kettle Whole Hog

    Thanks Doug that should be very helpful. The hog is supposed to be between 50 and 60 pounds. Picking it up Friday night, injecting and putting in a large cooler full of ice. Saturday morning the cooking starts. How did you flip the little oinker?
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    Ranch Kettle Whole Hog

    Thanks, I am looking for the "technique" used more then anything. Like butterflied or not, skin up or down, flip the pig or not, temp of the cook, inject or don't inject....
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    Ranch Kettle Whole Hog

    I am going to do a whole hog for the first time ever this weekend. I believe I read something here many many moons ago about a member cooking a 50 or 60 pound pig on his/her ranch kettle. Can anyone give me some advice on the process?
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    Prime Rib/ Boneless RIB Eye

    Both are whole pods with the seeds in them. The black ones are bigger than the green ones though. The guy told me it makes a really nice tea as well.
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    Prime Rib/ Boneless RIB Eye

    I would like to try this recipe tomorrow but I am a little nervous. I have done the herb encrusted prime rib and really enjoyed it. I would like to try something different, but I am not familiar with cardamom. I went to an Indian grocery store and got green and also black cardamom...
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    Canadian Bacon

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Jon: Yes, but I'm not in Canada, so its Canadian Bacon, eh? You also use celcius too! LOL You consider our Bacon "back bacon" don't you? Seriously...
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    Canadian Bacon

    Did you know there is no such thing as Canadian bacon in Canada?
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    Delicious roast chicken recipe

    I found this recipe today and cooked it for supper tonight, it was so outstanding I thought I should share it, even though it isn"t BBQ. It's a bit time consuming if you follow the whole recipe but well worth it. IMHO.
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    Fatties - 1st impression

    Excuse my ignorance guys, but what is a "fatty"? I am guessing it is a type of sausage, but up here in Canada I have never heard of them.
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    What's cookin' this weekend?

    10 pound pork butt should be ready by lunch saturday!
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    Chipotle substitute???

    What could I use as a substitute for chipotle pepper?
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    Cardogs Brown Sugar Cured Salmon.......Wow!

    Thanks I was looking in the seafood forum.
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    Cardogs Brown Sugar Cured Salmon.......Wow!

    Sounds like a winner but I can't seem to find the recipe. Could someone PLEASE post a link I love BBQ salmon. Thankyou.
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    Weber Charcoal Chimney

    Darrell where abouts in Ontario are you from? It's a pretty big province.
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    Dinosaur Ribs .. time temps?

    I've also done beef ribs a few times and find they can be very rich(real fatty), I cook them very similar to pork ribs time wise, but if anything I have found they can take a couple extra hours, without "drying out" too much.
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    Measuring Temperature Question

    It's best to measure your temperature as close as possible to the meat you are cooking.
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    What kind of Lump are you using?

    I use Maple Leaf it seems to burn for a long time low ash production and it gives a nice flavour.IMO
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    lump charcoal modification

    I use lump exclussivly myself (Maple Leaf) and second everything John said about it. I'm honestly not sure wether it produces less ash as I have never used Kingsford before, but I would think one of the main benefits of less ash would be not having to get rid of so much garbage.
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    Fly Control

    There was a post on here about a month ago where somebody said to hang up a sandwich bag half full of water over your doorjam. I know this sounds weird but there was a link to some research and they figure because the way the flies eyes work the baggie HALF full messes with their vision.Don't...
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    Smoking a goose

    I've never smoked goose but I have cooked them in the oven. The geese I have done were wild Canadian geese that I've gotten from friends who hunt. They are very lean and really don't have much meat other than the breasts. The advice given to me was to cover the breast with bacon and then roast...