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    Charcoal baskets

    I popped the grate out of one of my charcoal chimneys and put it back in upside down. That gets the coals a little closer to the flame on my performer. Rob.
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    Any bbq gone wrong stories out there?

    My first smoker was a ECB I used it to make a turkey that turned out ok. Then I thought I while I'm at it I would smoke a block of cheese. I put the cheese on the smoker went out to check on it later opened the lid and thought hey who took my cheese then noticed something floating in the water...
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    Baby Back Ribs Membrane

    I also picked up some of the cryo ribs from Costco and frustrated myself trying to remove the membrane that wasn't there. Rob
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    Butterfly Chicken on Performer (Pics)

    Wow, your chicken looks great! I have been using the rotisserie for chicken lately but I cannot get the skin crispy. What did you marinate the chicken with? Rob