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    Used - Maverick ET-733 - $45.00 shipped

    Ron - send me a PM or email me Thanks, Will
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    Used - Maverick ET-733 - $45.00 shipped

    Yep, it is still available.
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    Used - Maverick ET-733 - $45.00 shipped

    Used - Maverick ET-733 - $40.00 shipped I have a used red Maverick ET-733, has both the probes, pit clip, receiver and handheld. It is in great condition. I am asking $40.00 shipped. Feel free to make an offer. Thanks!
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    Mini Build in Dallas

    This bad boy looks sweet! I am about to embark on the building process myself, other than finding that damn pot, what do you think was the hardest part of the build? Any suggestions to a first time builder?
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    Gold or Silver WSJ for this project?

    What is the big different between using a WSJ gold or sliver?
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    What is everyone cooking this weekend?

    Going to try out some ribs on my WSM 18 on Saturday and then run some chicken leg quarters on Sunday. Any tips will be more than helpful as these will be my first cooks, but I am looking forward to getting smokin!
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    Greetings from the Land of Cotton (Oxford, MS)

    Just picked up this beauty from Home Depot last night. I have always been a huge fan of the Weber line but was never much of a smoker. But fellow user (Tommy B) sold me quick on the WSM and I could not be more excited to fire it up this weekend. I have never smoked anything before, so any tips...